Voilà! Welcome to A French Frye in Paris, and the first post of my move from New York to Paris, exactly two weeks  after my arrival. A bit of guilt that it’s taken me this long; I wonder if Picasso waited two weeks to start painting when he moved into Montmartre a little over a century ago. But to be fair, he probably didn’t concern himself with multiple trips to Ikea to pick out just the right set of kitchen tongs.

The aim of this blog is to chronicle my transition and integration into French culture through its food, scenery, people and language. With camera and notebook in hand, I’ll be recording my experiences and sharing them here in hopes of giving a glimpse into life as a Parisian, discovered through the eyes of an American. My hope is to intrigue, enlighten, inform, and above all entertain. Hope you enjoy the visit.

D’accord, c’est parti! (Ok, let’s go!)


  • Hi Corey! I’ve been watching your Facebook live video tours and have read a handful of your blog posts in the past. My intent is to start here at the very beginning and read each one until I’ve caught up! You are living my dream and I so appreciate being able to see and experience Paris through your eyes each week. My friends and I will be visiting next year to celebrate my 50th birthday, and I’m hoping to book a tour with you during our stay. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of and love for what is my most favorite city on the planet! “See” you next Saturday!

    • Hi Laura, I’m so happy to have you following along! I know what it’s like to feel an inexplicable link to this city. It’s pretty magical stuff.

      I don’t mean to slip in an advertisement here, but know that I’m sharing exclusive Paris content outside of this blog over on my Patreon page. Those who join the project get access to extra posts, photos, videos, etc. If you’re interested you can check it out at

      Hope you have a great day and stay tuned for this afternoon when I post some fun snow pictures on this page. :-)

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