Pay It Forward (As In Back To Me)

Hello readers! I have a favor to ask. It’s a puzzle. Not the fun kind like figuring out where to catapult your Angry Bird, but stay with me.

Simply put, I’m wondering which previous post of mine you think represents the best overall piece of writing. A post that particularly stands out as being original, unique, funny, well-crafted, etc. It’s the one you’d use if someone said “give me a reason to read this guy”, or if you were submitting to a writing contest. There are no wrong answers here, just go with your gut.

I’m cracking open the Poll feature so all you beautiful people can offer your opinion. Use the search function on the sidebar if you want to go back and brush up on some of the titles. After voting you can check back any time to see the results, then once this is done we can all do a poll about the potential lameness of polling.

I promise to put a real post up tomorrow, but for now…

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