Not an Advertisement, But Sort Of

Just want to share something with you guys real quick. It’s a site called StumbleUpon and it’s a cool concept: you choose categories that interest you and then by clicking a button you’re taken through a randomized succession of websites, blogs, videos, or pics that match your choices. It’s kinda like channel surfing through the web and a nice way to find new things out there.

“But Corey,” you might ask, “aren’t you worried about steering readers away toward other — and possibly better — blogs than your own?”

To which I’d present my previous post about cuddling with farm equipment and reply “Can it really get any better than this?”

Whether or not you’re interested, there’s a way all of you can help out if you’re in the mood: they allow you to add websites to their system, meaning millions of others could eventually stumble onto A French Frye in Paris. Not only would it be a big favor to me but it also fits in line with my new hobby of world domination. If you’re feeling generous, here’s an easy way to add me after signing up for a free account on StumbleUpon:

Under your account’s Favorites tab click Add a site. Then enter my blog address with a quick description, and on the next page put it in the travel category. That’s it, pretty simple as far as good deeds go. And remember: the more popular this blog gets, the cooler you become for being an original fan (also known as the “ego stroke” play).

But all of that aside, the site is interesting and worth checking out should your digital entertainment cup runneth dry. Tractor hugs to all and take care.


    • Haha…the only thing stopping me from deleting that salacious comment is the fear that doing so would only implicate me further.

  • Hello,

    I’m from Poland, small city – Łobez.I’m watching now your video from subway.. I think these is so true, so real and most beautiful song from youtobe. I saw you 2-3 years ago, but I feels the same feelings – authentic music, personality. It’s for me very important. Thank you for tour positive energy. I am greeting


    • Thanks! That’s very nice to hear. Some of my music will be featured in an upcoming independent film; I’ll keep you posted when it happens. Take care!

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