The Parisian Narnia: Place des Vosges Under the Snow

Hello lovely Paris lovers, hope you’re well! As I’m sure you heard, the pastry that is Paris got a heavy dusting of powdered sugar last week – and it was glorious.

I have a few favorite spots to be when it snows, and I photographed each of them the last few days (future posts to come). But the one closest to my heart is Place des Vosges. There’s something so darn perfect about it; it feels like you’ve stumbled into another realm: part manor home, part rural countryside, part magical fantasy tundra. Hope you enjoy the pics.


Stay tuned for more snowy blog entries as I sort through last week’s photo albums. And while I’ve got you here…shameless plug?

For those who haven’t heard I want to officially announce my page on Patreon, a crowdfunding site where you can contribute to the evolution of my Paris projects. In exchange you’ll get nifty rewards like exclusive blog content not shown here, discounts on my Paris tours, and PDF maps of my FB Live Videos. Here’s me explaining the idea:


And if you didn’t catch this weekend’s Live Video Tour in Montmartre (under the snow!):

Have a great day and as always, happy Paris dreaming. :-)



  • “As I’m sure you heard, the pastry that is Paris got a heavy dusting of powdered sugar last week – and it was glorious.” – That bit made me laugh :) Brilliant. As always, love your photos.

  • A most charming and beautiful ‘rendu compte’….. And as always with the ‘French’ (frys….) it makes me laugh out loud, because when France has three snow flakes, it’s a HUGE crisis whereas when I’m asking about their ‘winter equipment’ on their cars, silence falls like a flash in a lake and much shaking of heads follows….
    In the UK it used to be a single leaf on a train track – making it impossible to have said trains go on ;)
    We, ‘par contre’, had 20cm of snow last Wednesday, and we are on Ile-de-France, it was extra-ordinary in every respect and I have heaps of lovely photos…. In our 10 yrs of living here, we never saw anything like that! Mind you, in Zermatt, Switzerland where we skied for 14 years, they had snow measured in METRES, not inches or cm.
    Wishing you good luck with your crowdfunding – you deserve it!

  • I have been to this lovely square, but your photos today remind me to stop and really look at the beauty of Paris…

  • I love the concept and layout of your photo montages – You are an excellent photgrapher and intuitively grasp the “feel” of Paris.
    I am a part-time Parisian, escorting small groups to theCity of Light a few times each year – Your photos keep me connected in between those trips.

  • ah one of my favorite places…to see it covered in snow is such a treat….oh who am I kidding all of Paris is my favorite….thank you very much for sharing….Bree the youngest sister x

  • You know you’re a lucky guy, don’y you? 😉 Snowy Place des Vosges is amazing; even I, a French person, haven’t had the chance to see it in real yet! I am sure your heart is bursting with all those people helping you via Patreon, I checked the page, it’s amazing already!

  • I’m at a loss for words! This is actually the first replay I take the time to watch, it’s about time I know and it’s just fantastic! I really had the impression to walk along with you in Paris! These walks are brilliant and allow me to discover a lot of things I ignored! Thanks Corey! <333

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