How I Saw Paris This Week #31

Hey gang, sorry I’ve been away so long — I am one busy bee lately!

Wanted to catch you up on this (not so) weekly series and show you what I’ve been looking at. Hope you enjoy this set.

Everyone knows the metro entrances are charming but how close do you ever really get to those details? I’ve been trying to zoom in more to try and appreciate their nuances. This one is the Saint Paul station in the Marais (4th arr).
I have a thing with bikes. Most of you know this. This one was in the 4th arrondissement and too lovely to pass up.
A curiosities & home decoration shop named De Bouche à Oreille always has something intriguing on display. Because who doesn’t need a seahorse staring at them every day in the office? This is at 26 Rue du Roi de Sicile (4th arr).
You may recognize this from my Live Video Tour of the Marais. It’s Chez Julien (4th arr) and it’s got a lot going for it: good food, a beautiful painted ceiling, golden details and an old time feel — more than enough for this humble flaneur! If you take my walking tour of the Marais this is where we’ll meet…and I’ll probably have a cappuccino in my hand from La Caféothèque. :-)
For a long time the church of Saint Germain des Prés (6th arr) was a bit underwhelming; the painted murals it’s known for were in dire need of restoration. Luckily the church has spent lots of time and money fixing the place up, and although there’s still work to be done the newly restored altar and choir sections are stunning. Really worth a look, which is why my walk of Saint Germain always includes a peek inside. This photo was taken in the southern transept.
Another Left Bank church, Saint Sulpice, was looking just delicious with this evening sun hitting it. This stuff is good for the soul.
Went extra artsy with this one – is he reaching for something he’ll never attain? Is life all about chasing the stars? Oh the existential layers! :-)
I went extra moody on this edit – it just felt right. :-) Love that green and the brown stripes. This is at 85 Blvd de Magenta (10th arr).
I know Palais Royal (2nd arr) better than a lot of places, so I was quite tickled to find a different composition than usual. Boy the French love those repetitive motifs! I also like the warm and cool thing going on here. Not as many existential layers as the guy reaching for the moon…or are there? :-) Wow we’re getting deep now.
A bookstore in Galerie Vivienne (2nd arr) called Jousseaume has this bust of Victor Hugo in the window. Fitting given that the author visited this space looking for inspiration. Here he’s looking about as happy as he always looked, lol.
The food at Bouillon Chartier (9th arr) isn’t the best in town but it’s affordable and fun and the place feels like it hasn’t changed in 100 years. Plus customers are always more friendly in this place – I’ve had more random conversations with my table neighbor here than anywhere else in Paris. No matter what you order, get the garlicky pommes grenailles as a side – they’re really good and it’s why I keep coming back.

Hope you enjoyed this set everyone, and I hope you have a lovely day!



  • There you are! I’ve been missing your weekly, beautiful photos. I immediately recognized where we met for our Le Marais tour. Best regards, Margaret and Bill Roberts

  • Beautiful. I love looking at your photots, Corey. Thank you so much for all your time 💁🏻☕️💫

  • We were there in February 2018 and stayed right down the street from Bouillon Chartier. We enjoyed the atmosphere very much. Reasonably priced. I love watching your videos. We loved Paris and want to return!

  • Wonderful post, couldn’t help but smile when you mention Chez Julien and knowing you will be meeting my sister there in less than a month. Thank you, Corey, for ALL you do in sharing your love of Paris with us

  • Thank you again Corey, for giving us all another superb look at Paris through your eyes! You are simply the best!

  • So glad to see your post in my email again! Photos are beautiful! I’ve added Chez Julien and Cafeotheque to my trip lists for July and November this year! I’ll be in touch as soon as I decide which tours I want to take. Thanks for your lovely blog presence!

  • Thank you for this wonderful post. Your eye and passion for this city is infectious and inspiring. I fall in love with Paris more each day through your eyes.
    So proud of you Co.

  • Hi, Corey’s mom. (I trust that I can respond to your comment on here!) I’ve taken two of Corey’s tours and just love him. His love for Paris inspires me, and I’ve been going there for over 40 years. He is a wonderful writer and photographer and all-around lovely human being! When I found his blog about the 2015 terrorists’ attacks in Paris, I knew I had to meet him. I was just about 10 minutes away from the attacks. His beautiful writing about it touched my heart!

  • Truly gorgeous photos and we love the weekly walk with you. We watch together on Sunday morning (our time, not live). Thanks again. Karen & Dave, Newcastle, Australia.

  • Fabulous set & I especially love the Chez Julien & the guy ‘reaching’ for the stars/moon :)
    My passion for Paris has resumed (thanks Corey) & now I can start planning my return trip!
    I too look forward to the weekly ‘Sunday’ walk through Paris. Cheers, Michelle, Walpeup, Australia.

    • Hey Michelle, thanks for the comment! Would love to see you in Paris one day. Until then I hope to make lots more videos for you…even though I know it’s tough to watch live over there!

  • I truly enjoy how you see Paris, Corey; this set is no exception! For the record, as a longtime SCUBA diver, I would love to have a seahorse on my desk to look at every day. I’ve added De Bouche à Oreille to my shopping list. Thanks for the head’s up!

  • Corey, another wonder-FULL collection of precious Paris shots. Some of them well known (and photographed by yours truly), others seen with an artist’s eye, different and unusual – all of them charming, heart-warming and ‘real’. Love that you always give the location, my ca 1mio pics are literally ‘all over the place’ and looking for something I’ll never find it. Especially love the Palais Royal, the close-up of a métro station and the disapproving head of Mr. Hugo. Vivianne is ALWAYS worth a detour….
    You’re a gem, my friend. Happy Easter

  • 🎵“When you see a Guy
    Reach for stars in the sky
    You can bet that he’s doing it for some Doll….”🎶

  • Hi Corey,
    You joined our table in Chartier two years ago and you told us about this site. We have been a fan of yours ever since with all your great photos and captions,

  • I am from the uk and have lived in Paris for 20 years and the lady I was with is from Montpellier, we were on a table that just seats 3 as there is a pillar blocking the 4th place, we started chatting right away and I checked your site out when I got to my appart. and I just love your great photos and your enthusiasm for the City of Light, you make one appreciate that we live in such a beautiful city.

  • The one of the statue reaching for the moon is a special stroke of genius! But there are so many others here — the Palais Royal, Victor Hugo’s bust — that are worthy of framing. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

  • How glad am I that you are back!! I particularly love the guy on his horse, reaching for the moon, of course. But what I absolutely love about your photos, is the old-fashioned charm that I find on no others! Thanks Corey!

    • Thanks for the great compliment! I’m a nostalgic guy at heart so I think an antique, old fashioned look for Paris photos fits well. Also having come from an arts background, I take the editing of my photos just as seriously as the shooting of them because I feel like I’m “painting a picture” in a way. So glad you’re into it! All the best.

  • Hi Corey! You covered a lot of places I have been in this one…but with a great perspective. Next time I will look for some of these things I missed! My goal is to try to check out all of your “How I Saw Paris…” segments. It will take a while, but I hope to have covered all of them at some point. Merci for all you do!

    • Thanks Phyllis! I one day hope to have a fancy new website that will have a section specifically for binging on the How I Saw Paris series. So many projects to envision for the future!

    • Thanks I appreciate it! I used to do one of these posts every week but lately other projects have slowed down the pace. I hope to post another soon! I appreciate you leaving a comment. :-)

  • Is there a way to see the photos all the way back from the beginning? Please let me know:)

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my photos; it’s a really fun creative outlet for me (I studied Fine Arts painting in college, which is maybe why Dreama and I are such kindred spirits). You can see the entire photo series by using the search function at the bottom of the page and typing “How I Saw Paris”. Or clicking directly on this link should do the trick:

    • Thanks so much. I certainly take it seriously and as you know it’s all about evolving over time and finding your voice. Luckily I have plenty of subject matter all around to keep me inspired!

      • Yes, Paris is filled with beauty everywhere you look! You’re very fortunate to live there! Do you do tours including flights, hotels etc or only walking tours?

        Thank you!!

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