All The Photos of Cherry Blossoms You Never Knew You Needed So Bad

Hold onto your handelbars for this one — we’re careening full throttle into a fluffy pink smorgasbord of this year’s cherry blossoms. Frankly you’re gonna find more photos below than any reasonable human needs, but when it comes to Paris in bloom I say go big or go home.  And lest you think I’m being lazy and not curating my pics, these 65 were widdled down from 350. There were some tough decisions to be made!

But first, if you missed my FB Live Video Tour of these very blossoms click below. This episode happens to have my favorite unexpected moment of the 20 videos I’ve done so far. (I think you’ll know it when you see it.)

Also, today was very special because the first official “Frite Meet” took place! If you’re not up to speed on the concept, we’re arranging weekly private happy hours for any Patreon subscribers in town, to get to know each other and geek out on Paris. I’m thrilled with today’s turnout and this gang of lovely ladies:


If you’re interested in this perk and other cool Paris stuff, take a look at Patreon subscription options at

Ok, onto the blossom relaxation meditation station!


Still with me? You’re the best.

The blossoms have since passed, but I’m so damn fortunate to have walked through this version of Paris last month. Gratitude overload!

All the best to you and I hope you can join me for the next Live Video Tour coming this Saturday. Details will be posted to Facebook soon. À bientôt!


  • What a delightful study in pink, Super Guide! Quick question: In my mind’s eye (nose?) I conjured up a scent from this smorgasbord of pink fluff. Do they actually emit a fragrance? Oh, et bonjour, fellow frites! A table(s) full of lovely lassies (and one lad). :-)

    • Hi Missy! No I never noticed much of a smell coming from these. Then again I never really planted my nose in them… So nice to hear from you, hope you’re well!

  • The cherry blossom burst is one of the reasons Spring is my favorite season in Paris! I haven’t been able to join your coffee hour after the Virtual Tours but hope to be able to do it soon! I’d love to join a Frete Meet with my daughter, her son, and his girlfriend during our trip during the last week of July. I’ll also schedule a tour of Montmartre for us then. a bientot!

    • Thanks Cheryl, I’d love to see you at a future Frite Meet, and of course your guests are welcome too. A Montmartre tour sounds wonderful! Be sure to book at least a month in advance to be sure we can fit you in. All the best and thanks for being part of this project!

  • Thank much Corey. The cherry blossom photos are just so Beautiful! A cheerful photo to be sure. Springtime and rebirth. Enjoyed them so much. The video walk was awesome. Thank you for bringing Paris LIVE, to all the frites.

    • I’m so grateful to have all of you following along Debra. What a fun ride this has been so far! I appreciate all of your support and enthusiasm. It means a lot. I look forward to bringing lots more Paris to you.

  • I also seem NOT to have received this post – but as it was very much hit and miss on WP – with Having to ‘enrol’ new every so often and w/o any handling of things on my side, I am not really surprised. I do hope to hear from you again soon, though.
    And YES, the blooms are spectacular, short-lived but oh so magnificent.

  • Corey, I left a ‘miss you’ note in the reader section of WP…. which astonishingly doesn’t show up….. I don’t get it! None or any of it. Did you get anything else from me? If not, I’ll try to recompose.

  • this is a copy of my comment in the ‘reader’ function on WordPress:
    Corey, I’m seriously baffled by your long absence. And of course I’m missing your beautiful photos and inspirational comments. If it’s ‘just’ that you are so busy, that’s alright. I hope you’re alright and that life is treating you well = that you’re happy. Kind regards, Kiki

    • Hi Kiki, just busy, that’s all. I’ve had other projects take over and while I’d love to consider the photo series I’ve had to put it on hold. But I’ll keep the blog online and hope to get back to it!

      • Hi, Corey.

        My tour wouldn’t open again today. When I hit “unlock,” I get just a spinning circle, but it never opens. I sent a help message to Patreon, but no response yet. Do you know anything that is happening. I’ve had problems with it for several weeks. I especially wanted to see today’s tour since your mother and sister were to be on!

        Cheryl Mueller

        Sent from my iPhone


  • So mr Frye, that was a fantastic tour you took us on yesterday. I did much of it on foot today and it was so worth it, even the exhaustion. And the ‘fashion instagrammers’ at Notre Dame provide hilarious comic relief. Please make it stop 😂😂 . Actually I’m going back for more.

    • Hey thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you went through this blog post and that you searched for your own views of those amazing blossoms. You’re so lucky to be here at this time!

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