Store Decor From the Days of Yore

Yesterday I accidentally stumbled deep into the Paris of the 1940’s!

Walking down the hill after my Montmartre tour I found that a movie crew has completely redecorated an area to film a French feature called “Adieu M. Haffmann”, to be released early next year. It will star French actor Daniel Auteuil (one of my favorites) and the story will take place in WWII Paris.

For the filming, each modern storefront has been meticulously covered with its own faux Nazi Occupation-era facade. To complete the illusion they’ve added worn signage, old cars & bicycles, references to corsets, medicinal elixirs — even French propaganda posters urging locals to work in the German factories. It’s remarkable how well this is done; the artistry of it was quite inspiring.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The filming will last a few weeks, so between now and the end of March 2020 if you can make it to the intersection of Rue Berthe and Rue Androuet (see map), you’ll catch a glimpse of this transporting space.

*Pro tip: arrive around 1pm when the cast & crew leave for lunch – you’ll be able to walk freely through the set!



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  • Corey it’s so great to see you on the blog! I’ve always loved reading your content here and your pictures are amazing! This looks really cool! I wish I could see it in person. Merci for sharing this. I look forward to the movie!

    • Thanks Phyllis! I can’t let all these photos go to waste, ya know? 😊 When you watch this movie if you see a tour guide hiding in the background you’ll know who it is! 😉

  • Thank you for this stunning slide show and the info. I love Daniel Auteuil too and shall look forward to watching this film.
    All the best to you.

  • Thanks for this post! I knew there was filming there, but I didn’t know that Daniel Auteuil was the star! I’m a big fan of his! I was thrilled to get to see him perform in the Malade Imaginaire on stage in the fall of 2018. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences!

    • Yeah he’s great, and a bit close to my heart because his movies were part of what I used to help myself learn French when I moved here. Thanks for the comment Cheryl!

  • Great photos Corey. The details are amazing. If last weekend was any indication of how great your YouTube livestream is going to be, I’m all in. Looking forward to it.

  • Thank you for posting. I wondered how this was done to look so realistic! I will head over and subscribe on Youtube

  • Wow that is so awesome, finding a vintage movie set in Paris would be incredible to come across. Great pictures!! Thanks for always being on the search for us.

  • Yesterday I was just thinking that I have not received your blog in a long time. It was a treat. Merci.

  • Loved the tour we went on last year. Hope to be back to enjoy another soon!

  • Hi Corey,
    I love what you have done here and yes, I will go over and sign on to youtube channel. This street looks like it would be a lovely street to visit even if a movie wasn’t being filmed. The love those roads that wind around. I’m sorry to say we have no idea when we will get to Paris again or anywhere for that matter. I’m not counting Christmas out yet but there will be a lot of repair work and financial stability before that happens. Until then, we have you, thank goodness, to help keep our dreams alive. Stay safe and healthy Corey…until we meet again.

  • Beautiful pictures. Paris is famous for it’s café culture and I must admit sitting at a sidewalk café people watching is one of my favorite pastimes. How do you think it will change after this pandemic scare ? I hope Things will eventually return to normal and this important Parisian pastime will continue.thanks-Sylvie

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