Remembering December

Biting cold. Wet cobblestone. Ice-blue sky promising inevitable snow.

By the time I got to Place des Vosges it was all but empty and I was surprised to find the gates still open. A final parade of scarfed and mittened park goers, displaced by the choked-off afternoon of winter, spread out from center toward the inviting glow of softly lit cafés and warm boutiques. All colors inside the square — the hidden corner purples, the street lamp yellows, the oranges of third story windows — were tinted somehow with a greenish hue as if the entire scene had been dunked a few inches underwater.

Chilled fingers fought to steady the camera for one last shot — then another — then ok maybe just one more — until the snow arrived, determined to have the last word and laying the final brush stroke on a December evening as it quietly slipped into memory.

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  • Yes, but was there a violin playing softly as if the moment had a soundtrack? Seems like yesterday we were walking along that corridor on a warm September evening with the moon smiling down. :) Great pics.

  • Great picture quality. How do you capture that darkness mixed with the shiny cobblestones and the lights?

    • Thank you. Mostly I upped the ISO of my camera to let more light in. Then the color of the lights mixed with the weather and time of day did the rest. The luminous quality of that evening was what drew me inside the park in the first place, it was gorgeous.

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