How I Saw Paris This Week #29

Hello my wonderful supporters, old and new alike – welcome! I’m so glad to bring you another weekly set of Paris views. Some expected, some (hopefully) not so much.

But before that: yesterday I filmed a new Live Video Tour for the Eastern Hemisphere. It was far too early for most North Americans but you can see the replay on my Facebook page. It’s also on my new YouTube channel where you can watch all previous episodes. I won’t give away the location of yesterday’s video but there were passages…that were covered… 🙂

On to this week’s photos – full of food, architecture, sidewalk scenes – all my usual obsessions. Enjoy!

Afternoon tea at Mariage Frères, Paris France
Whenever I decide I deserve a treat, afternoon tea at Mariage Frères is always an option. Scones and butter and jam and my favorite tea blend: French Breakfast. Angels singing and all that. :-) This location is at 13 Rue des Grands Augustins (6th arr).
Closed Café in Paris France
A closed café in the 1st arrondissement. Love those repetitive elements, and this shade of red.
Detail at Place de l’Opéra, Paris France
When I talk about getting close to the details of Paris, sometimes I’m talking REAL close up. Someone must have brought a step ladder to Place de l’Opéra to put this little lion sticker up there.
Galette des Rois
It’s the end of the Galettes des Rois, the special January treats filled with almond frangipane and usually a tiny ceramic or plastic figurine. If you get the piece with the figurine, you’re designated king or queen for the day. These are individual-sized ones at my local bakery.
Flowers at a café, Paris France
As I grab the train to go home after my tours, I often stop at Forum des Halles at a place called L’Exception. The coffee’s great and it’s usually nice and quiet so I can pull out the iPad and catch up on FB comments, etc. There’s always something interesting on the counter next to the cash register, including these.
Madeleines at La Bossue in Montmartre, Paris France
This is my favorite food shot I’ve taken in a while. It gets my mouth watering every time! These are homemade madeleines at La Bossue, a place in Montmartre I’ve already talked about several times. Fyi this can easily be a stop along a Montmartre tour with yours truly!
Café in Montmartre
Just down from La Bossue on Rue des Abbesses is La Mascotte. I love the green hue of their tables & chairs, and inside there’s a great turn-of-the-century zinc topped bar. Straight out of the Belle Époque – just how I like it.
Tuileries Gardens fountain reflection, Paris France
There aren’t many flowers or fountains this time of year in the gardens, so you have to get a bit creative. This is a reflection in one of the hibernating basins, looking toward Rue de Rivoli.
Métro sign, Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris France
A more classic Paris shot, but trying to get the composition just right. This is the Mabillon station along Boulevard Saint Germain.
Address plaque on Boulevard St Germain, Paris France
Also on Boulvard Saint Germain are these lovely old address signs, which would have been illuminated originally. This is a rare find so I thought I’d share. These gems are a reminder of something we already know – that the details are what make this city grand! There’s a quiet elegance in these little boxes.
Doors in Paris France
Parisian doors are so special that even when they’re unfinished they’re still gorgeous. I know I have a lot of fellow door worshippers out there.
Galette des Rois, Paris France
Another shot from La Bossue (18th arr) and their Galette des Rois. Perfect with a cappuccino.
Bakery chandelier in the Marais, Paris France
The prettiest bakery in the Marais has to be Au Petit Versailles at 1 Rue Tiron. Here’s just one little view of many that are worth a visit inside. Oh and they also received 2nd place for 2014’s Best Baguette in Paris, so there’s that. People come from far and wide to enjoy this little spot.
Escalator at Forum des Halles, Paris France
An escalator at Forum des Halles (1st arr). I usually use this after coffee and FB work at L’Exception next door.
Christmas tree at Palais Royal, Paris France
A straggler from the Christmas season at Palais Royal. I never tire of walking under these arcades. Are you familiar with the sordid & juicy Napoléon story related to this area? If you’ve toured it with me you have. :-)
Old books at Galerie Vivienne, Paris France
Old books in Galerie Vivienne, what an absolute treat. Victor Hugo used to visit this same shop and look for inspiration among the tomes. Ah, Paris :-)
Statue at Luxembourg Gardens, Paris France
Another try at finding a different perspective of a well-known place. This is the Luxembourg Gardens. Sometimes the color of the Paris’ sky and the color of its statues match perfectly!
Porte Saint Denis, Paris France
Porte Saint Denis (10th arr) always convinces me to get my camera out. A perfect reminder of Old World Paris, no matter how modern the neighborhood becomes. The kings of France, after being crowned in the cathedral at Reims, would make their grand entrance into Paris through this arch and others.
Forum des Halles Canopy, Paris France
For me, the canopy of the Forum des Halles (1st arr) looks better at night than during the day. I’ve never loved the color they chose, but when it’s lit up like this I like the futuristic aspect of it.
Duluc Detective sign, Paris France
How can you not love this? An old-timey sign of a detective agency that is still going strong. This location was part of the Midnight in Paris storyline, and it’s just steps from the Louvre along Rue du Louvre.
Galerie Colbert, Paris France
So many flâneurs walk through Galerie Vivienne without noticing the quiet passage running parallel to it, the Galerie Colbert. Don’t let the guard at the entrance deter you; all you have to do is show him your bag for security reasons and you’ll be allowed in. This statue is a copy of one that used to be in the Palais Royal gardens. This circular rotunda was quite the revelation in the 1820s. And it still is today!


Ok there you go for this week, hope you enjoyed those little vignettes! If you want to see last week’s photo set click here.

If you’re heading to Paris and want to take a tour with me, you can request info at the very top of this page.

And I hope to see you all live on Saturday for this:


Until then, happy Paris dreaming. 🙂


  • While in Paris last September, I visited La Mascotte in Montmartre and met the most wonderful people. Unfortunately, it was my last day and I didn’t get to cultivate these friendships but i plan on returning later this year.

  • Merci beaucoup pour la petite visite. On visitera Paris en mars et je suis très contente!

  • Regarding the photo of the book spines, what immediately popped into my mind was a quote from NOS4A2 by Joe Hill (author and son of Stephen King), “She breathed deeply in the scent of decaying fiction, disintegrating history, and forgotten verse, and she observed for the first time that a room full of books smelled like dessert: a sweet snack made of figs, vanilla, glue, and cleverness.” Another batch of photos that make me sigh and continue to propel my desire to get to Paris…quickly! Thank you, Corey.

      • I just love old books…I can only imagine those in your photo smell like the belle epoque era! And, you will definitely “see” me on Saturday! :-)

    • That is the best quote EVER, Missy!!! Shades of Shakespeare and Co. come to mind…What descriptive imagery!

      • I totally agree, anonymous…I was instantly transported to (what I have only imagined) Shakespeare and Co must be like when I read Mr. Hill’s words.

  • Absolutely LOVE your splendid photography!!!
    Spent a week in Paris with my daughter and sister this past November. Stayed on the Ile St. Louis. These photos, combined with your on-line tour, keeps the glorious memories, past and present, of this amazing city close at hand. So glad to have found your blog! Already want to go back…

    • Thank you so much! I love to hear that people are staying connected to Paris through my content. That’s one of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning. :-) I’m doing another live tour on FB this Saturday, I hope you can join along!

  • Merci for more lovely memories evoked by your gorgeous photographs! Two more cafes I have to visit in July! I don’t know how I’ve missed them in my walks in Montmartre! Lovely pictures of Forum des Halles. among the many of your gorgeous other discoveries. I plan to join your video tour on Saturday!

    I can’t wait to see your You Tube posts! I’m planning a day just to go back and look at all your posts!

  • I can’t wait to visit and see Montmarte through your eyes. maybe we went to fast through the area. I did love Sacre Couer though!

  • Really nice photos corey. My favs were the reflection in the fountain and the book spines. Thks for sharing & also thks for making reruns available for all your walking tours. I was watching a rerun of the one you did for aussie time the other day and really loving it but, i got interrupted and didn’t see it all. I tried to find it later and could not find again. I will try again tonight.

    Side bar to Missy: you always have the best comments. I love your quote from joe hill book. I am unfamiliar with his work but plan to check it out. Thks!

    • Thanks for the compliment. Joe Hill, like his father, writes horror fiction…if you’re into that sorta stuff. :-)

  • I love your shots and your words! I am new to Paris and appreciate your blog, helping me navigate some of the Parisian treats not normally seen. I look forward to Saturday!

  • Photos that really draw us into the Paris experience – all worthy of being permanent background on my computer screen. But what is up with the mysterious person wrapped in the big coat/cloak rushing past La Mascotte in your photo? She/he appears to have a wound on the face, and looks like a hunted animal. No one else has commented on this?

  • What a treasure trove of gorgeousness. Your fave photo of the madeleines is my fave, too — it’s worthy of being in a magazine! And as always, I also love all the little architectural details you notice (including that little sticker on the street sign). If you see Victor Hugo the next time you’re in the Galerie Vivienne please tell him I say hi. ;)

  • Corey, your work is exquisite! I wish I had more time to just browse your blog and images. Every image evokes a feeling or emotion in me, or makes my mouth water. When are you publishing your book?

  • These photos capture the essence of Paris. It oozes out of the page and into in my heart. I think when we come back we are going to have to book you for the whole time we are there. Covered passages, Montemarte, the cemetery’s, Palais Royal, the list is getting longer! Oh and your favorite cafes (unfortunalty not that expensive restaurant you featured on the last walk lol – unless a huge win in a lottery comes our way)

  • OMG Corey, those madeleines!!! 😍 By now I have given up trying to choose a favourite between all your photos, they are so amazing, I could gaze at them for hours!

    • Oh thanks so much! I do put a lot of time into them because I think these little moments deserve our attention. I’m so glad you take the time to enjoy the images! I hope to soon offer an option to purchase prints.

      • That would be awesome indeed! I cross my fingers for this to happen soon, I am sure it would have a lot of success! And you are so very right about those things we need to pay (more) attention about!

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