Who Knew A Copy Could Be So Unoriginal

Recently in New York Through Parisian Eyes, I translated a French article from a favorite book called Dessine-moi un Parisien by Olivier Magny. A few days later a friend of Olivier’s was nice enough to leave a comment saying the book was actually compiled from writings on the author’s blog – originally in English! This might make my translation a bit less groundbreaking (although the article was expanded for the book version, proving I’ve still got some cutting-edge relevance).

You can check out the original here. Olivier’s blog is a fun look into how a Parisian sees his own culture. He also runs a wine tasting school in a former 17th century royal residence which never hurt anybody.

A big thanks to ksam for this heads up!

One comment

  • Glad you like it!! I’m excited for the English version of the book to come out this summer – will be interesting to compare how much (if at all) the French version was modified to appeal to the French market!

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