A Bit of Sulpice and Quiet

A few shots of the front yard of St. Sulpice at dusk, which is hands-down the best time of day to visit.

For all the gawking I do at church facades I should invent some kind of word for it, like instead of people-watching maybe call it “steeple-watching”. Or maybe “conducting field rechurch“? Yikes — I think I’m headed down a dangerous path straight into Pun-ville here…and I think I already dipped pretty far into that well for this post’s title.

At any rate, a 17th-century building with a 19th-century fountain and 21st-century lighting is some kind of trifecta. I don’t remember exactly what my childhood vision of Europe was back in the day, but it must’ve been something pretty close to this.

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  • Good to see you are still alive and kicking. I came across some youtube video of you. Quite excellent, sir. Cheers.

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