Petite Perspective

In the school zone I frequently pass through a series of children’s pictures were mounted on the steel pillars outside one of the buildings. They’re set up so that as you walk you get a progression of them one by one, and it always brings a little smile to my face. I assume the assignment was something as simple as “Paint the Eiffel Tower”.

Being known and instantly recognizable by billions all over the world, I get a kick out of seeing how the little Frenchies see their city’s icon…

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  • I absolutely love the little tree with all the hanging Eiffels. I kind of want that framed and in my house!

    • My favorite one is the tower as a painter, and of all the things he could paint he goes for…the Eiffel Tower! Haha, brilliant.

  • My two favorites are the spider using the tower as a web, and the one with the dark cloud over it–the colors instantly brought to mind the illustrations in the “Madeline” books, which I loved to read as a child.

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