Striking A Chord

No this isn’t a Where’s Waldo, or for my French readers, an Où est Charlie. This is behind the 15th century walls of church Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais, in a ridiculously charming cobblestone street that is currently my favorite place in Paris and therefore the known universe. There are two areas in the city now where I have a favorite street musician, with a rough idea of the times of day they like to play. Maybe this means I’m becoming a local? It’s a nice thought. This man plays Bach on his guitar in the late afternoon for passers-by, and he plays it beautifully. To find a shady spot nearby and slowly study 500 year-old stones against a 300 year-old soundtrack is for me more than just a novel pleasantry — it’s the closest I’ve ever come to meditation.


  • A memory close to the night we watched the moon rise as a street musician played a beautiful violin in one of my favorite spots…

  • J’adore ce endroit aussi, Corey. Tell me: Is the rusty old bicycle still in front of the coffee shop at the entrance to rue des Barres? (To me, that’s a quintessentially Parisian sight.) And yes … knowing where your favorite street musicians play — and generally when — does indeed mean that you’re becoming un vrai parisien. Thank you for a lovely post, and for an equally lovely photo. It’s wonderful to share in your moment of meditation.

    • Thanks munro. Hmm the bicycle sorta rings a bell but I’ll have to verify next time I’m there. Way to bust out the French, bravo! You must have some experience of your own with this city.

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