Shell Shock

My father-in-law’s driveway on an average summer afternoon:

Maybe it’s no mystery why people here started eating these things—this is borderline invasion. Run for your lives people! Well, maybe walk for your lives…on second thought go get some sleep, run your errands, set up some comfortable lodging accommodations, leave town within the next few weeks and you’ll be fine.


  • Many years ago when my husband & I were camping in Hendaye, one drizzly morning all the French people were out picking the snails off the wall for dinner. My husband loved escargots. I’ve tried them but I’m a bit squeamish about them. I say I’ll leave them for someone who appreciates them more than I do.

    • That’s funny Lee, I’ve never heard of wall harvesting before. I did pull a few of them off, but it was only to see if I could stick them back on again. I couldn’t.

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