Reading Between the Lines

We found this sign posted on the door of a specialty shop in Lyon:

Is it bad that my first reaction was to read this as “No Americans”?

If that is the owner’s underlying message, it’s a cliché that I frankly find offensive, untrue, and insensi—wait who am I kidding, I love french fries and ice cream. The guy’s got a point.


  • It never ceases to amaze me that people think they can go into a shop stuffing their faces with greasy/mucky food. It used to be unthinkable, now they have to create a sign reminding people because these days they think it’s normal!

    Old bat rant over.

    • I see what you mean Sarah. Too many folks (of all nationalities) being irresponsible by bringing in food, drinks, babies…ok maybe it’s just me who’s against the babies? And feel free to let the rants fly; that’s what blogs were invented for after all! Thanks for your comment and take care.

  • Considering that France has the best French fries (aka frites) and ice cream cones in the world (think Berthillon), my first thought wouldn’t be that it’s anti-American. Maybe “no frites nor cornet de glace” sold here?

    • Yeah Lee, even if Belgium wants to boast the best fries in the world, so far I’ve had the best ones of my life in northern France. Can’t say I’ve studied the ice cream cones as closely, but that’s some research I’d be happy to delve into. This sign was outside a specialty shop selling unique medieval-themed items, so they’re just trying to keep the fancy merchandise clean. Thanks for your comment!

  • So did you go in or not?? I’m dying to know! If you did go in, did you first go around the corner and buy some fries and ice cream and having one in each hand barge in and loudly say that you are American and happen to live on fries and ice cream? Oh wait, that’s me that would do that!

    • Ha, yes I did go in, belting out the Dukes of Hazard theme song and firing my cowboy pistol. I think they were totally impressed.

  • Is it just me, or does that ice cream cone *totally* look like the Statue of Liberty’s torch? BTW: I’m indeed impressed that you can sing the Dukes of Hazard theme while firing your cowboy pistol: I can only do one at a time.

    • Haha, good call on the Statue of Liberty angle! You get points for noticing something that I totally missed (and that I could’ve used to help make my point). Maybe having lived in New York for so long I saw the torch thing subconsciously? At any rate, nice catch!

  • Well, gee, there’s a fork in the French fry container, how messy could it get? : )

  • Have you gone away for the holidays or something? Haven’t heard anything from you lately; and just when I’m awarding you the Liebster Blog Award in appreciation for your blog and want to lure my friends to your blog, too. If you’d like to accept the award, you can find instructions back at my blog, Traveling Sardine Class, Lee

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