Paris, Googled

Google is going Paris-chic today with a logo commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of French photojournalism pioneer Robert Doisneau. Letters have been superimposed onto four of his most famous shots from the 1930’s, including the one he’s most known for, Le baiser de l’hôtel de ville (Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville). Way to go Google!

To see the original photos sans big invading letters, click here.


  • Drat! You beat me to posing about Google and Paris and Doisneau. Bien joué, Monsieur Frye. Bien joué ! :)

    • Doh! Sorry about that. It would’ve been more poignant coming from you as an avid photographer…blame it on the stupid time zones! :)

      (by the way you should totally still make your post)

      • No, no! No need for a “doh!” I obviously never got around to my post, so I’m glad you were there to call the blogosphere’s attention to the Doisneau tribute. :)

      • There’s a free exhibit of his photos in the Hotel de Ville until April 29th, too bad you won’t make it in time!

  • I love those original photos (the ones with the stupid letters I could do with out). They show what a carefree time it was back then and are full of such nostalgia. I am a sucker for old postcards and photographs for just that reason. Time litteraly stands still for all eternaty in a single snap shot.

  • There’s a great poem by Gray Jacobik titled “Paris,1970” that you might like…I loved it and it led to some fun research on Doisneau.

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