Zooming in on Belleville

As promised, Part Deux of my walk through Belleville with the smaller details I didn’t have space for in my previous post.

I’ll also take this opportunity to mention that I frequently post photos on Instagram and Facebook, many of which never make it to this blog. So if you enjoy seeing Paris through my eyes and don’t want to miss any of it, follow those photo feeds by scrolling down below the comments section.

Now to the photos. Happy browsing and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!


  • Favorite? As usual, I love them all! You’re a fabulous photographer.

  • I like the second from top. An interesting angle and lots of shapes and colors. Also the one with the reflection in the mirror is good. How you need to do Belleville when it is bustling.

  • I liked your photos. Most people never bother with detail shots. Gives a great sense for the place.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • How can I possibly choose just one favorite, Corey?! Well, OK … if pressed I would choose the reflection of Robert Doisneau’s kiss in the scooter mirror. It’s intriguing and arresting on its own, but even more so when you add the out-of-focus couple in the background. Can’t help wondering: Is the mirror giving us some hidden insight into their relationship? Or is it a reflection of the past — or maybe their future? All of this drama and conjecture in one frame! Nicely done.

    • Ah I can tell you’re a fellow photography fan. 🙂 I hit the lottery with that mirror shot. It was one of those things that came together so easily but looks like I painstakingly arranged it. I still can’t believe I got so many decent shots that day from just two streets. Madness! Thank god my phone has a camera.

  • Meerkats on mustard metal! But seriously also love the mirrored Doisneau couple – artist upon artist upon artist….

  • I’m rather partial to that area of Paris, stayed there for a week with the children and went for a walk in Buttes Chaumont park. I also took lots of pictures of little details, but nothing as exquisite as you…. now to find your other post about the doorways….

  • I was in Belleville in 2009, but wasn’t able to spend much time there. Perhaps I was just passing through and didn’t have time to look at the beauty there. Your photographs have convinced me to wander slowly through the area on my next visit this year. The doors in your photographs specifically intrigue me. The doors of Paris are especially lovely everywhere. Again, a beautiful post!!

    • Thank you so much Cheryl, I appreciate it. I really think what makes Paris special are the details, and they’re so easy to overlook even for those who know a neighborhood well. So part of my goal is to remind myself to keep an eye for the small stuff.

  • These are all gorgeo4us photos and Belleville has many hidden treasures. I remember having a fantastic dinner at a restaurant owned by carpenters. In Paris, you wear your personal history proudly. Thanks for these posts!

  • Yes, the mirrored kiss was exceptional, but the light fixture of wooden (?) faces gave me pause. And, I loved the shade of blue on that barred door. Thanks for sharing.

  • As always, I loved all your work; still, if I can only choose one, it’s the kiss. Love how you captured it in
    the mirror too.

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