How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Seventeen)

Hey Paris lovers! Here’s another photo set to lose ourselves in. Feeling particularly grateful today for the chance to seek out these moments and share them with you. 

This post has a couple of secret locations that I hope will be news to most of you. Thanks for joining in the adventure! 

Found this lovely object in a shop widow of Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe (4th arr). I heard there’s a city decree that all shops on this street must sell handmade items. From handbags to office stationary to Japanese kimonos, this little stretch of the Marais is always nice for window shopping.
I’ve raved about the Montmartre Museum before (18th arr) and I’ll do it again. This is an object (what it’s for I have no idea) in a re-creation of Suzanne Valadon’s art studio. It’s such a time warp to enter this space and the garden below it is a great hidden treat as well.
Anna T., a friend and loyal French Frye follower, has inspired me to start giving tours of the 9th arrondissement. This spot is one of the highlights of the area, Square Edouard VII. You’ll find it just off Boulevard des Capucines. More photos of this area to come!
One thing’s for sure – my love for scooters is real. Thing is, I’ve never been on one! But I do like photographing them because they still represent the satisfying cliché of Europe I had as a kid. This is Rue Lamarck (18th) and there’s always a row of two-wheeled subject matter when I walk by this spot.
Speaking of burgeoning Montmartre traditions, I just can’t stop eating lunch at Soul Kitchen. It has so much going for it: it’s cool without being hipsterish, healthy without being boring, the coffee is good and it’s all reasonably priced to boot. I loved the image of this long-legged Vespa babe who keeps the helmet on almost as a fashion accessory. Maybe she owns one of those scooters I’m always photographing. You can eat here by going to 33 Rue Lamarck.
I have several London pics from previous trips and I like to throw them in the mix now and again. This is St Pancras station, where the Eurostar arrives from Paris.
Here’s a great Paris secret for a sunny day: a street in the Marais called Rue des Blancs-Manteaux (4th arr) conceals a hidden garden with copious greenery, benches, and floral moments like this one. You’ll find it around #19 of the street, and I promise this one is so secret you won’t be comfortable divulging it to your friends. :-)
Also in the category of places I could return to every day of the rest of my life, along Passage Saint Paul (4th arr) this courtyard always delivers. When I think about today’s modern design shops and concept stores that slave away to create faux-antique interiors, it’s crazy to see that Paris creates endless authentic versions of it seemingly by accident.
This might look like it’s from the same courtyard as above, but it was actually a pleasant discovery in Montmartre at 13 Rue Germain Pilon. I was drooling outside the gate and a resident was nice enough to let me in. I love it when Parisians break the mold of being privacy obsessed!
Anyone familiar with Paris will recognize this brand. This is their fanciest location, on the Champs Élysées. It’s constantly overrun with tourists and feels more like Disneyland than anything else, but it’s still easy to succumb to the charms of its curves and colors. Although their macarons haven’t been artisanal or handmade for a long time, they’re still damn good and you won’t ever see me turn one down.
Thanks again for stopping by, and feel free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see my photo updates in real time. A bientôt!


  • Can’t wait to get to Soul Kitchen….my list from your blog gets longer and longer, so I’ve scheduled three extra free days when I visit in November. Jude said she loved your tour of Montmartre and is going to try to schedule another one soon! As always, your photographs make me homesick for Paris.
    Thanks for the lovely views!

    I wish you another beautiful day in Paris.

  • I read your blog with Google maps open, so I can look at the spots you mention and have a look around. It’s the first thing I do in the morning, with my cup of coffee at hand.

  • I’ll be going to that train station in London next month! After a tour of England, Scotland, and Wales, my friend and I are taking a train to Leicester to see King Richard III’s resting place (and see friends who live in Leicester) before heading home.

    • Hey Linda! So glad to hear you’re still traveling the world. Sounds like an amazing trip, including many things I’d love to see one day. Bon voyage to you!

  • These photos are so good you could sell them. And thanks as always for the interesting tidbits! I didn’t know about the decree for the Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, for instance — but it explains why it’s my favorite street on which to lèche-vitrine. :)

    • Hey Heidi, write thanks for the compliment! More and more people have been encouraging me to sell my photos and/or make a book of them. Maybe I should publish a batch like you did and see what happens? Speaking of selling, I have managed to snag a couple of sales on a stock photo website…I earn peanuts in the end but it’s still a nice morale booster!

      • Good for you for snagging a couple of sales, Corey — that in itself is impressive, considering the sheer volume of photos and competition on those photo sites. I hope the algorithms will take note of that and start boosting your photos’ visibility.

    • Hi Little Chef, thanks for following along! Your comment made my afternoon :) I’m smitten with the old world feel of Paris and I’m so glad I was able to evoke a little bit of that for you. Yay!

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