How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Twenty)

(*Note: This is a repeat of my previous post, which due to a glitch I had to re-publish. So if it’s a repeat for you, my apologies – but there’s a new installment on the way tomorrow!)

Another week means another set of my favorite pics — and Paris is just as lovely as ever.

Now more than ever it feels important to enjoy the beauty around us, doesn’t it?

Here’s how I saw my city over the last 7 days. I hope they bring a smile to your face.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  • I love the lions eating the door handle. Their arms and fore paws are almost human! The corner protectors/bumpers are lovely in their shape and form. Leave it to the french to make all things that are useful, beautiful too!

  • As always, you gift us with more breathtaking pictures and lovely prose of Paris! Doors, cafes, bookstores and winding streets bring a broad smile to my face, even on a rainy Ohio morning!

  • Love your photos & comments. Brings back memories of my 3 times in Paris! Thanks!

  • Love seeing Paris through your eyes Corey. The Cafe, those chairs just waiting for me…sigh!

  • “my city.” What privileged words and I’m jealous as can be. Love the closeups.

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