Did I Just Eat the Best Steak Frites in Paris?

I once featured on this blog a hip and historic eatery called Poulette. I had originally gone for the Art Nouveau ceramic tiling, old zinc bar, and a decidedly“Downton Abbey” vibe as one travel writer had described it.


That day I sat at the bar for a tea and a photo shoot which you can see here. But what also caught my eye were beautiful lunch plates being whisked out from the kitchen toward packed tables of content diners. I didn’t order that day but I put this place immediately on my “To Eat” list.D448917F-D487-4DD9-A3E7-7DC28BBB5B2E

A few days ago an old high school friend came to Paris for the first time and I scoured my notes for ways to show him a good culinary time. I was reminded of Poulette and promptly reserved a table, all the while reading numerous variations of the same online reviews: “the best steak frites ever”…”amazing fries”…”perfectly cooked beef”…

The mission was clear: to confirm or deny this tantalizing claim with my own taste buds. So thirteen hours and 16.5 euros later I had my own portion in front of me. Would it live up to the hype?

DF27F945-042B-40CE-B828-FCF38FDBDECD06F10709-0461-4805-A901-1D9A441F64BBB35D9B80-0BB6-43A2-B5FC-452B1A4F9AE7DA7E2E5D-7FFC-4B01-BC4C-24D9AFE40CA2It absolutely did — this is a fantastic steak frites! The beef was tender, moist and cooked just the way I’d asked. No fancy sauces were needed; aside from salt and pepper the only other condiment offered was good ol’ French moutarde.

The fries, which so many restaurants take for granted, were equally as impressive; they were crispy, warm, and seasoned with just enough of something — I couldn’t quite tell what — to elevate them to another realm. The plate was balanced out with a no-frills salad that was simple but fresh and it did its job. Frankly I could have eaten myself into oblivion but luckily the portions are kept reasonable in a place like this. :-)


Well done to Poulette for not only creating a charming old-timey vibe but delivering on a classic that most French restaurants tend to be judged on. I will be recommending this place in the future to whoever wants to listen (like you guys, for starters!).

To have your own memorable meat moment you can find this place at 3 Rue Étienne Marcel in the 1st arrondissement. Bon appetit in advance!

For anyone who wants to explore Paris with me I can be contacted here for guided tours. Or if you want to follow along in real time you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, or hear me as a guest on this latest episode of the Earful Tower Paris Podcast.


  • Another beautiful temptation. I have a day free in Paris, so I’ll wander to Poulet. Although I don’t eat steak often, your picture tempted me–and the frites, alone, look worth the trip!!

  • Hi I would go and try it , just to see if you are right :-) The Frites do not look up to much , they look like the end of service Frites ..and always makes me laugh the word “Salad” , these are in fact “rough ripped Lettuce leaves” but of course I would have to try it all. Also just to say , I do like your posts and have photos , and lots of interesting acts about Paris, The above is just my observation. One more point (sorry) how can those beautiful Art Nouveau ceramic works of art , be compared to a “Downton Abbey” vibe ? So next time I am in Paris with my friend , I will check this out :-)

  • I’d like to try that. I despaired of the steak that was served on a couple of occasions to one of the tours I was on this summer. Entrecôte. Unchewable. I’ll try to remember this if I make it back to Paris.

  • I would go just to stare at the Art Nouveau decor. Well, ok, and the plate of frites. To walk out of a Paris cafe for under $20 — not bad, I think. Merci!

  • Corry,
    This art work is fabulous. I enjoy the old posters. Old menus are quite fun. This would certainly have been a great display to see. Lucky you. The art museums in Paris are fabulous. Thanks for sharing! There is always something splendid to learn. I love Paris! And all things French/France in general. I am so glad to see this weekly write back.


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