How I Saw Paris This Week #30

Hi there, let’s look at some more photos!

I can’t believe I’m already at #30 of this series. What a pleasure to share these little details with you all instead of letting the images languish in my archives. Hope you enjoy this week’s set!

One of the rare Père Lachaise tombs written in English. But I took this photo more for the colors and the patina – gorgeous! Sometimes for good artwork you can’t beat Mother Nature.
At the end of Galerie Vivienne (2nd arr) is a private staircase protected by a gate. For about a decade I’ve admired it from afar but recently I got inside for a closer look. A true Paris victory!
Inside a store called Maisons du Monde, specializing in rather exotic home furnishings. Always a few photo ops in here.
As you heard, we got snow! So fun to capture a different side of the city, one that is rare and fleeting and always special. This was taken on Ile Saint-Louis.
An old rusty bike on Rue Montorgueil (1st arr). This is one of those street names I still have to spell check each time I type it! (First World problems)
Another shot from the Maisons du Monde store. Just kidding – I took a last minute flight to Tibet because I deserve it. :-)
How can you not smile when you see this? I’ve always loved this area behind Notre Dame but I can’t recall ever seeing it like this. The snow-covered branches in the foreground only make it more perfect.
This is from the top of Galeries Lafayette (9th arr), one of my favorite places to witness weather events. That’s the Opéra Garnier dominating the neighborhood – just as the architect had intended. 
These gnarly mascaron heads are temporarily installed next to the Panthéon (5th arr). They don’t look particularly pleased to be out in the cold.
I kind of want to live permanently inside this picture. I know some of you do too! Order me another hot chocolate…
A detail from a café with a fun antique vibe. So many treasures all around – will I ever see them all? Unlikely.
Cinnamon rolls at La Bossue (18th). I could probably shoot a photo of their treats every single day; they’re that good.
This one of the Panthéon is probably my favorite of the week. Another photo I wouldn’t mind living inside of. 
This is from KB Caféshop on Rue des Martyrs (9th arr). A good way to warm up after taking all those chilly snow photos. 

Thanks for stopping by everyone! You can catch the previous installment of this series over here.

I’ve started a new series on FB and Youtube called 15 Seconds of Paris Zen. If you missed the latest one at Hôtel de Sens here it is:

Lastly don’t forget that I’m going live as usual this Saturday to bring you another vicarious walk through Paris. Hope to see you there – tell your friends and let’s make it a big ol’ party. Full event details are here.


Happy Paris dreaming,



  • I look forward to this every week! Merci! I’m going to try to go back to the beginning and catch up! :)

  • Morning Richard,

    Have to share “A French Frye in Paris”…delightful!! Corey Frye is a young man who is engaging and loves Paris!!! Been enjoying Corey’s treks for several months…a find that brings the city alive with photography. His videos may be seen on FaceBook as well.

    Because of your love of France and traveling there (a bit of a forward thought)…should you be gathering a group for your next sojourn to France perhaps you would consider allowing me to join the group.



  • Thank you Corey! This helps to cure the pain in my sole! We had some saddens this week. Love your photos they are a lovely reminder of our time in Paris!🦋

  • #30 Photos are EXCEPTIONAL!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Corey. Can’t wait to get back. xoxoxo Karen & David

  • I have been a fan for years, starting with the now defunct Paris travel blog. This has got to be some of your best photos. Wife and I plan October visit. Will definitely arrange a live tour. Merci, Norine Mugler

  • This is an EXTRA-ordinary collection of your week’s findings, Corey. I just wonder how many laws and regulations you had to jump to get to take a pic of ‘my’ staircase in Galerie Vivienne. I have uncounted butched shots of that stair – always hindered by the closed ‘entry’… How on earth….?!
    My other faves of this week are the snow dusted tables and chairs and of course anything taken from the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette and the sweet and melancholic angle of the Panthéon. You get my weekly 10/10*. Thank You so much

  • At the risk of plagiarizing your other fine readers: what an exceptional, extraordinary collection of photos! Any one of these would make a good photographer proud … but to think that you shot all of these in a single week is just mind-blowing. Gorgeous, gorgeous work, Corey.

  • Love the photos so much. You make me feel like I am right back on the streets of Paris, but more so. I feel the cold and smell the sweet treats and coffee you shoot. It’s so much fun.

  • Hi Corey, ditto to all above comments! Love, love, love them all! Looking forward to your walking tour tomorrow. Thank you for spreading so much joy, Corey! CARROLL

  • You’re definitely full of great ideas! The “Paris Zen” series is yet just another example of that! :) I’ll be sleeping for this next live (based in Sydney), but I’m hoping to catch the review ;-)

  • I had several OMG moments while perusing these most enjoyable photos. I never tire from viewing all the beauty and splender that is Paris. Thank you Corey!!!

  • The photos are so beautiful. Enjoyed the Paris Zen. The snow sure made magical settings for your photos. I live, now, week to week, waiting for your Paris walks. I am so enjoying myself. Kudos to you with a heart felt thank you!

  • Bravo bravo bravo 👏🏽 Love tour photographic skills. You have a good eye……(In truth you probably have two good eyes, but I am sure you know what I am trying to convey)

  • Beautiful photography and some stunning places… thank you for making such a bright start to my week!

  • Love seeing Paris through your eyes! We took the Passages Tour with Corey two week ago…I highly recommend a tour with Corey!

  • Love love love your Facebook tours, cafe chats and blog. Would need months to see all these amazing places around Paris. Will be so handy when planning my next trip to Paris❤️❤️❤️❤️. Thank you so much for doing this and letting us see Paris through your eyes

  • So I’m thinking you need to join all the 15 seconds of zen together for a lovely meditation video! They are all intoxicatingly marvellous. Xx

  • I passed on the news of your site and a friend has booked you in April for 2 tours. Wish I could make it. Used to live at Place St Augustin before you were born. Right at the Metro, 85 Bd Haussmann. Our apartment was used during WWll to hide allied pilots shot down in France.

  • For your guiding, there was a high school head master in the Latin Quarter who masterminded an escape network for allied pilots. He and his wife were eventually captured, tortured and killed by the Gestapo. Apparently a Canadian veteran paid for a memorial plaque to be put in the lobby of the school so no one would forget this hero of the resistance. My landlord in Paris, Jean Jacques Piot, hid pilots as a teenager and then was told to flee to the Ardeche with phony papers. He narrowly escaped the Gestapo. The plaque must still be there.

    • Thanks I appreciate that info! What a story. And thanks for recommending me that was really kind. All the best to you and I’ll try to post some more pictures soon!

  • Merci for these beautiful scenes. Have just started following and can’t wait to see more!

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