How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Twenty-Three)

Hello lovely Paris lovers, coming at you with a feel-good dose of Paris medicine. Here’s the city as I’ve seen it over the past week (or 11 days technically).

I’m in a #grateful mood lately and I just want to acknowledge how #lucky I am to share this city with so many of you who don’t just love Paris, but who feel some inexplicable connection to it. I know a lot of you sense Paris tugging on you like some kind of gravitational pull, and I totally get it. I love connecting with you guys! On to the pics

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I have many noble quests in Paris. One of them is finding good fish & chips. This one was at God Save the Fish (9th arr). I wish I could tell you it tasted as good as it looks but…I’d pass on this place next time around. Service was a bit slow and the batter was far from crispy. The quest continues.
The back of church St-Julien-le-Pauvre (5th arr) is a spot that gets overlooked quite a bit. The downside of that seclusion is that occasional groups of drunken scallywags will spend their afternoons there. But particularly in the winter when it’s too cold for those characters, I love to enjoy this little nook and its old stones.
A shot of some charismatic carbohydrates at Au Petit Versailles du Marais, perhaps my favorite 4th arrondissement bakery. It opened in 1860 and still has some original hand-painted elements that decorate the facade and ceiling. I love throwback shops like this one; they speak to a time of ultimate pride in a commercial space, as well as to the Parisian demand to be surrounded by pretty stuff. (Which by the way perplexes me – why do they put up with so much graffiti in the outer districts?)
The 2nd arrondissement church Notre-Dame-des Victoires is full of little surprises. I liked this rather raw figurine of Joan of Arc. Is there a church in France that doesn’t have her likeness somewhere inside? Unlikely.
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While waiting for a tour to start at Place de la République I had time to look for alternate views of the central statue.
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Downton Abbey anyone? :-)
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Autumn closeups at Place de la République.
A little street in the Latin Quarter, can’t even remember which one. A perpetual state of not being able to tell which century I’m in, that’s the life I’m going for in Paris. :)
This one might take the prize for my favorite of the week. I’m trying to enjoy those golden hues before they get street-swept away. The city hall is what we see on the left.
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Street waffles in Montmartre.
I went a little bit cliché with this one but it was too good to pass up. How did I stumble into a life where I get to look at this view every few days? Like I said, #grateful and #lucky. 
Rue de Rivoli (4th arr). Pretty self explanatory.  I always tell people to look up, but looking down sometimes pays off too. 
Cacti in the 2nd arrondissement.
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The Architecture Museum was free admission this weekend and I had just enough time to pop in before work. This was my favorite photo of that quick visit. We can see the model for the current Arc de Triomphe, and to the right of it a rejected proposal for the same project. Imagine if even the rejects got built somewhere in Paris? Man that would be something. 

There you go, hope you enjoyed it!

Before you go back to your lives I want to shout out to The Earful Tower Podcast and the live event I was part of last week. We did a show in front of an audience of fans and friends — what a treat to tell my “Corey Story” in front of actual listeners! I know some of my readers here helped contribute by buying a ticket even though they couldn’t attend (thinking of you Véro, Shelly and Sally!)

You can hear a recording of that live event on the Earful website. And as usual if you know anyone on their way to Paris, send them my way for an awesome walking tour!


  • Another fabulous week!…and I know!..I wish I could have been at the live show…but the positive was…I won the signed copy of the book!!..all the way here in Sydney…but loved your story you told..and love these photos…Paris always pulls me in!

  • I love the light at this time of year. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and for taking the time to reflect.

    • Yes it’s my favorite time of the year for Paris light. At most hours of the day you can catch some pretty nice light and shadow. And I can enjoy sunrises without waking up at an ungodly hour (like 7am). :-) Have a great day Margaret!

  • Beautiful collection. Couldn’t comment the last few times, wp had/and often still has problems…..
    Have you tried the Sunken Ship? It’s in a tiny place in the 11e/or maybe 10e arr. Great fresh fish, lovely chips and since I didn’t like the mushed peas I got something else instead. Which was very kind. Have been maybe 3-4 times, service was always nice, had good chats but with some ppl they seemed to be a bit brusque.
    Thank you for sharing your treasures. The ‘Downton Abbey’ one is spectacular….. (where was it anyway?)

    • Many thanks Kiki. Sorry for the commenting problems. Yes the Sunken Ship, I’ve been there a few times! And I do think it’s one of the best in town. Generally eating anything near the canal is a good idea. :) By the way I can’t really get behind mushy peas either…guess I’m not British enough. Have a good one.

  • Have you tried Johana’s Fish and Chips at 30 rue Saint Sauveur? We’ve been there twice now, and really liked it. Once two weeks ago, and once two years ago!

  • Such beautiful photos of a town that has got into my heart. Next time Im in Paris I will certainly be letting you know. Although Its going to be at least not until 2019 at least due to my knee injury. Thank you for such amazing photos makes me feel as if I am there in person.

      • Thank you. Stupid accident. Flying home from Paris between Paris and Dubai – then I had a 14 hour flight to Melbourne. back into my seat and my right let slipped on the carpet and hit the metal bar of the seat in front. ACL MCL and a fracture. So had to cancel a trip that was next year. Looking at 2019…early…

      • Wow that’s the definition of random! I bet now you’re thinking of how you took for granted all those times you sat in a plane and DIDN’T injure yourself. At least that’s how I feel when I do something similar (I badly sprained each of my ankles this year at 2 different times…not a great injury for a tour guide). Hope you heal up fast!

  • As usual Corey, thanks a mil for all these beautiful pictures! There are priceless and allow us to fully appreciate Paris’ true worth: it isn’t just a city with impolite and dull-faced inhabitants. It is so much more than that. Now buying a ticket even without being able to attend the event was something I didn’t thought of. Anyway, I tried to advertised it through my humble network and am so glad you did a sold-out, it was fully deserved!

    • Thanks! I love the kind of comments where people feel connected to Paris through my posts. Keeps me inspired for the next one! Many thanks for spreading the word and listening along to the podcast. We really appreciate the support and love to know there are people out there listening!

    • My pleasure Andrew, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I’m getting into my groove lately and pretty much snapping mini photo shoots every day. So psyched to have folks on the other end of it that appreciate views of this special city. All the best!

  • I’m so happy To have finalité managed To take a look at your blog! I’m loving this autumn atmosphere too but i Guess you had sussed it out…

  • Wonderful way to take a magical walk in Paris — merci beaucoup for your always-exceptional Parisian images. Our 3 grand-teens have often reminisced about their “Paris tour with Corey” 2 years ago. David and I are sooooo grateful for the way you introduced them to Paris’ highlights, history and color. (We laugh to remember that we’d questioned whether they’d last for a 3-hour tour, but we were delighted that they were surprised and disappointed when you said goodbye and left us at Notre Dame three hours later!) We’re looking forward to future French Frye tours!

    • Hi Susan, what a great compliment that is! Brings a smile to my face. :) You’re more than welcome to join another tour when you return! It’s be great to see you. All the best to your family!

  • Corey this was about the time you took us on our two tours. I recommend your tours to everyone. I play them back in my memory over and over they’ve brightened up my days. Have more fun doing what you love:)

    • Many thanks to you, that warms my heart to hear that. They say life is all about finding your passion and I’ve definitely found mine in Paris. The fact that I’m able to reach so many people makes it even more fun. Hope you’re having a nice 2018 so far!

  • Loved the the one of the street in the Latin quarter. Also just love the golden leaves against St.- Julien-les Pauvre . Your photos capture that indescribable essence of Paris that is found in the little vignettes. I seem to see the city the way you do. Thank you.

    • Thanks Lauren, that means a lot. One of the joys of blogging and making my live videos is I can connect with others who see the city the same way and have fallen in love like I have. Frankly I didn’t know there were so many of you out there! I look forward to sharing more and more…in fact just now I’ve posted a new set of pictures to this blog. Have a great day!

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