How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Twenty-Five)

Hello everyone, here’s another catch-up of all that I’ve been photographing lately. But first an announcement in case you haven’t heard:

Soon I’ll be starting a new project where I do Facebook Live videos of mini walking tours in Paris. That means you can join live and walk through the streets with me, or watch the videos later on my page whenever you like. I don’t think any other Paris guides are doing this so it should be a fun experiment! You can watch me explain the idea here.

Each upcoming live tour will be posted as a scheduled event on my Facebook page and I’ll be sure to advertise them ahead of time so you can join in progress when possible. Ok, onto the photos!

Let’s get started with some festive cheer. This is my wife making a Christmas wreath for the house. As are the following two shots.



Luxembourg Gardens. This never gets old! I always think of Hemingway sitting here.
La Caféothèque (my happy place).
A little bit of guilty pleasure….
Hote du Palais Royal, just next to Palais Royal itself. I always look up at these beauties when I walk by!
Lighting in the Latin Quarter
Passage Jouffroy. The Covered Passages are always a treat during the holidays. This one’s on view during my tour of the Covered Passages.
Antique shop in Passage du Grand Cerf
Same shop – love the vintage vibe here!
A memory of warmer days at Paris’ oldest flower market on Ile de la Cité. This market opened in 1808.
Passage du Grand Cerf. I liked the differences between these two sets of lights.
Produce market on Rue du Nil. If you’re a foodie be sure to stroll down this little lane.
Cacti looking cactacular! (Sorry for the pun)
A Tartine Savoyarde for lunch in Belleville. Toast with cheese, potatoes, onion, and lardons. There are worse things in life!
It’s a common trick of the locals to walk between Gare de l’Est (seen here) and Gare du Nord, rather than wait for the metro to take you between the two. The staircase I’m standing on was filmed in a scene of Amélie.
Galerie Vivienne and those glorious mosaic tiles!
Palais Royal and some pretty cool clouds. If you’re wondering about the lonely-looking boy behind the fence don’t worry – he was playing a game of watching his father run around the columns of the garden.

Hope you enjoyed this set! Have a great day.

As usual you can hear me chatting on The Earful Tower Paris podcast, and for my latest Photo of the Month on (where I share a cool story about the Opéra Garnier) you can go here.

And if you’d like to join me on a walk through Paris you can book a tour here.


  • Bonjour! Fun to reminisce with these beauties! Eager to return to fabulous Paris. Joyeus Noel!🎄⚜️🇫🇷

  • You took me down memory lane for a brief few minutes, all of my memories always bring a smile to my heart and a tug to return, I hope very soon. Paris, like wine, always gets better with age. Joyous Noel Adrienne Erlick

  • Bonjour, Corey – I’m looking at your post from Chicago this morning, a wonderful way to start the day. Many more Corey places to add to my list for 2018! I’m excited about your new venture and will certainly join you on your virtual tours!

    See you in July when I return to Paris. Are you aware that the International Hemingway Conference is going to be held there the last week in July? I’m presenting a paper, so if you need a contact to propose tours, I can get you to a contact person!

    Have a Joyeux Noel!!

    • Hello my friend! Nice to see you. You’ll be happy to know I finally made it up to John Baxter’s apartment to celebrate his birthday recently. He didn’t pull out any Hemingway manuscripts but it was still a treat to be there rubbing elbows with his inner circle!

      I’m so happy you’re coming back, and no I wasn’t aware of the conference. Perhaps I should build a Hemingway themed tour for that period! Thanks for your offer of help, I may just take you up on that. :) All the best and Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you so much! Slightly nervous for the FB thing because it’ll be new territory for me…but I also think it has the potential to evolve into something special. I hope to get started right after Xmas so keep an eye on my FB events section. All the best and enjoy the holiday season!

      • Sorry I’m just now seeing this comment Diane. Thank you for the kind words I really appreciate that. Turns out the live video went quite well so I had nothing to worry about! Thank for the encouragement. :)

      • Corey, I caught the live video, and commented a few times. This project is super. Not sure I will ever get to Paris, so your walks are delightful. Why not include a tasting of your favorite macarons during a walk. Now that would have us all drooling!
        Happy New Year to your and yours. Diane

      • Thanks Diane. I think I’ll experiment with all kinds of things like that. This is just the beginning and we’ll tweak it as we go. I’ve decided to finish the next walk with a live chat at a cafe; people seem to be interested in that.

  • Bonjour Corey ❤️ Love your pictures and I am so excited for your FB walks ! Merry Christmas and Happy Hoildays to you and your family🎄

  • Breathtaking pictures! I love the colour tone enhancing the vintage atmosphere of the objects. The last time I saw Paris was about a decade ago and hell yes, someday a walking tour with you would be a great way to kill the time in the city!

    • I’d be happy to take you on that walk! Thanks for the kind words about my photography. I certainly try to emphasize the dreamy/antique feeling I have when stumbling upon these little treasures. What an age we live in when social media can help us share all these little things! All the best to you.

  • You never disappoint me with your photos. I am hoping to be in Paris….2020…yes a long long away, so keep doing what your doing as I will be wanting to do a tour of Paris with you. I feel as if I am there through your photos. Thank you. I am so excited for your new venture on FB also.

  • Bonjour! Gorgeous photos. Can you please tell me where you ate the Tartine Savoyarde in Belleville? Merci beaucoup.

  • Bonjour! I am enjoying catching up on your past blogs. Thank you for the great photos. On to the next!

    • Thanks Sandra, Paris has turned me into a photographer, I couldn’t help myself. :) I have a background in the visual arts but photography is more of a recent endeavor. I work at getting better at it every day. Happy to have you following along!

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