How I Saw Paris This Week #28

Hi everybody! First thing’s first – I’ve just scheduled my next Facebook Live Video Tour. Set those alarms:


Note that it’s a 5pm start this time, to help out you Americans on the west coast (8am for you). Sadly my Australian mates will have to stay up even later at night…but I’ll be taking care of you all soon. :-)

Remember that if you want to be instantly notified whenever I go live, follow these instructions. And if you missed last week’s video from Saint Germain des Prés you can catch up by watching it here.

Speaking of videos it’s exciting times over here at French Frye HQ, as I plan the evolution of my Live series. There are some developments that I think a lot of you will be interested in.  And a YouTube channel is coming soon where you’ll be able to find (and binge on) all the videos.

Ok onto the task at hand – a fresh set of Paris pics! I hope you enjoy them.

Passage des Princes, Paris France
The Passage des Princes (9th arr) was one of the last shopping arcades, completed in 1860. The owner took great pains to erect it and then promptly went bankrupt – the project was a flop. Why? By that time Paris was experiencing a new shopping fad, the grand department stores like Bon Marché, etc. But today you’d never sense that failure; it still takes people’s breath away each day.
Rue Servandoni, Paris France
The wonderful & winding Rue Servandoni leads you from the Luxembourg Gardens to Saint Sulpice (6th arr). When I give tours of this area I point out an old carved sign bearing the alley’s former name: “Gravedigger Street”. This is where the dead were carted to the church’s burial site hundreds of years ago. Yay for history!
Porte Saint Denis, Paris France
Porte Saint Denis (10th arr)….because the Champs Elysées isn’t the only street with a killer arch! This area is named after that famous patron saint who walked around town with his own decapitated head in his hands. True story, they say.
French ferns
Capturing the changing colors in my backyard. I’ve never owned ferns before but since we bought our house, I guess I do. And I guess I’m now a bit of a nature photographer as well for that matter.
Statue in Tuileries Gardens, Paris France
I’ve said it before and I will again: the Tuileries (1st arr) is like an outdoor extension of the Louvre. At least that’s how I see it. This is looking over toward Rue de Rivoli and that classic Baron Haussmann style. Do you think those residents ever take their view for granted? Probably…it’s only human nature.
Fountain at Tuileries Gardens, Paris France
Tuileries Gardens again. Most of the city’s fountains are in hibernation mode, but the upside is the calm reflections you get from all angles. Once spring blooms I can’t wait to include some of these gardens in my Live Video Tours!
Coffee cup at café, Paris France
This is in front of KB Caféshop along foodie haven Rue des Martyrs (9th arr). This isn’t even my cup – I found it sitting outside on a table and confiscated it for a photo shoot. I like the vibe of this café, though if I’m honest it’s not my favorite as far as the coffee itself. Not all hipster java bars are created equal.
Café chairs at Place Gambetta, Paris France
In the uber local, uber real 20th arrondissement there are plenty of photo ops. I quite liked the colors of these chairs along Place Gambetta.
Apples and lemons at Claus, Paris France
A bakery called Claus on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1st arr) is where this one came from. It’s a trend now for bakeries and gourmet food shops to add a few baskets of fresh produce at the entrance. Maybe they’re just there so guys like me take pictures and give the company free advertising. :-)
Nina Marie Antoinette, Paris France
This is a shop in the 1st arrondissment called Nina’s Marie Antoinette. It’s on Rue Danielle Casanova. The interiors are pastel and pretty and it specializes in tea and accessories. I’m always in the mood for a good afternoon tea splurge, so objects like this make me smile.
Carrousel and Sacré Coeur, Montmartre
Bring on the fog, bring on the rain! At least long enough for me to get my dreamy picture of Montmartre. :-) This is Square Louise Michel and you’re looking at not just Sacré Coeur but an 18th century double-decker French carrousel. Life is good.
Statue at Tuileries Gardens, Paris France
Another statue from the Tuileries. Can you spot the tower hiding behind the tree? I didn’t check the title of this sculpture but I assume it’s the classic hunter Diana with her trusty dog. Because when you’re French you can hunt topless and get away with it. You can also lead a revolution topless, if any of you remember Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” in the Louvre. Makes me wonder: if the art world had been dominated by women instead, would we see so many bare bosoms throughout history?
9th arrondissement rooftop view, Paris France
If you haven’t done it yet I hope it’s on your list, because the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette (9th arr) offers a stunning view. In fact they could easily charge for access to this…luckily they don’t. I may do a FB Live Video from here one day because there are some things I want to show you all. We’ll add it to the loooong list of things I’ll be showing you in the coming months!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s set and I hope it tides you over til next time. Until then happy Paris dreaming and have a great day.


  • Amazing as always, Corey! I love the variety from all the different arrondissements – and the history! Is it possible for you to put links on the side bar from previous “How I Saw Paris This Week” posts? I would love to go back and start from the beginning! :) Merci!

  • I’m glad you mentioned the Über local, Über real 20th Arrondissement. That’s where I used to live—on rue du Capitaine Ferber. Not very central but a great way to advance my French since hardly anybody speaks English. Vive le Vintième! It’s great that you seem to have so many followers that used to live in Paris, Corey. You take us back and make us feel at home.

  • Wonderful! My great love is Montmartre! Love all the pictures, thank you for sharing! You are the best, Cory!

  • What is in this post that’s not to like or even love?! Astonishing what you come up to… Thank you so much
    The one beef I have is that I don’t (and won’t) do fb – so I’ll just have to wait for your YT channel – but I can be a patient customer if the results are worth it! :)
    Merci beaucoup for all of it.

    KB is the BEST coffee shop IF I may go just by the picture of the empty cup…. THIS is the sign of a real espresso, the foam still sitting at the bottom of the cup. I would probably give it 10*s….. Different tastes I imagine – ‘your beloved coffee pics’ have no attraction at all for me ;)

    The Passage des Princes goes on my To Visit list – I’m not sure wether I’ve seen it or not but I do not seem to remember that glorious mosaic floor. So another Thank You Corey. You’re a brilliant Paris ConnaisSir… :)

    • Thank you Kiki! I’m sorry you’ve had to wait for the Facebook videos. I’ll be able to share a link to the YouTube channel soon. I appreciate your continued support! As for KB there’s nothing particularly wrong with the coffee, and plenty of people love it. I just prefer a smoother blend and theirs is a bit more on the bitter/acidic side. But don’t shed a tear for me, I have plenty of good java around to keep me happy. :-)

    • Thanks Kiki! I just typed a reply to you but it didn’t go through. Sorry for the wait on YouTube, I’m working on it as we speak. There’s nothing wrong with KB and some people love their coffee. It’s just a bit too strong for me, I like a smoother blend. To each his own. But don’t shed a tear for me; I have plenty of favorite coffee spots to keep me content. :-) Thanks for the continued support.

  • Corey love your live videos and your photos and blog so glad you’re letting us all follow you because your awesome and I see a great future for you thank you for what you do !!!!!

    • That’s very sweet, thank you Clara. This whole thing is possible because there are lovely folks like yourself who continue to support me. And I’m working right now on some fun ways for us to take these projects even further. Stay tuned!

  • Great photos Corey. I can’t wait for spring to see your pics with a lot more greenery. Looking forward to your tour this weekend. Feel like I am there with you.

  • Loved the photos. Especially the one of the Sacre Cour and Carousel as that reminds me of my visit in 2005. Do you ever get the cranes or gru’s flying over Paris? It’s a sunny day here in the Dordogne and saw the first ones circling over us which is very early as we usually don’t see them until mid February. Amazing site when they go over in the v formations , hundreds and hundreds of them

    • Hi Val, thanks for the nice comment. No I don’t see too many cranes, but I’m also not on the lookout for them so maybe I just haven’t noticed. :-) We certainly don’t have hundreds of them flying around in formations! That would be pretty cool to see.

  • Getting my Paris fix, till Saturday, and yes unfortunately people take for granted where they live and there own treasures.

  • You show me something new every time that I must go back again to see!! 😀 Thank you for the wonderful excuse to return to Paris. LOL

  • I really enjoyed this today…well, I have to say I love all the tours and the videos you share. As usual very unique and I appreciate the good sense of humor as well. :)

    Everything I thought was so fascinating and interesting, however, my most favorite pics today were from the tea place, Nina’s Marie Antoinette and the Passages des Princes., and the Carousel with Sacre Cour…very nice. Always excited to see the upcoming ventures and pics and videos. Thank so much again for sharing such amazing places and stories and history along the way. Ready for Saturday’s new tour. Have a wonderful day- from Sunny Florida. – Ely

    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I’m still so thrilled when people share their thoughts about my content, and it reminds me of how many people are drawn to Paris like I am. Thank you so much for following along and I’ll see you on tomorrow’s video! It should be a fun one, with a special guest this time. :-)

  • Love the photo of the chairs with the contrasting colors. You should look into offering frameable size prints for this, as I consider this a very striking photo suitable for wall hanging. Love, love, love your live walking tours thru the City of Lights!!!

    • Thanks so much Paulette! I’ve been contacted more and more about selling prints of my work. It seems it’s high time to look into that. :-) I hope you can join me for tomorrow’s live tour or at least catch the replay. I plan to evolve this project so stay tuned for future news! All the best to you

  • Great photos. Love the history as well. Is the saint carrying his head suppose to be a “ghost”? I’ve never seen a double-decker carousel. Super cool. I always love the Montematre photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Saint Denis famously was beheaded by the Romans in Paris for preaching Christianity. The soldiers were meant to take Denis to the top of Montmartre for the execution, but decided to do it halfway up instead. The bishop picked up his own head and walked a few miles. :-)

  • Thank you again for another great capture of Paris moments. I feel inspired to take better photos, to draw things that you bring to us each week and of course to visit Paris once again & take a tour with you. I agree with one of the comments above about a sidebar so we can go back easily to your older posts on your blog. I have tried going back to the beginning, but after reading a few & then pressing the “older posts” button to go back to the one previous, it would take me back to the beginning once more. I think your enthusiasm, your journey and your pictures, comments, live walks are FABULOUS.

    • Thank you so much! I’ve been meaning to rethink this blog for a while now, and once I’m able to do that I’ll keep your feedback in mind. Thanks for following along and I look forward to doing another live walk for you tomorrow!

  • What a privilege (and pleasure) it is to live in an age when I can see Paris through your eyes! Thank you for continuing to share your love and knowledge through your weekly walks and gorgeous photos, Corey.

  • I am so happy to have joined this site. Thank you for the tours and thank you for the amazing photos. I particularly love the one of Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur and the 18th century double decker carrousel!

    • Very kind of you to say, thanks! I just work on getting a little bit better each day; it has been a fun challenge and a rewarding passion project. All the best to you!

  • I missed your tour yesterday, so I’ll follow you on your site and try to join the next one. I love Paris in the fog!! Hope the flooding isn’t destroying an iota of the beauty that is Paris!!

  • Beautiful photos, as always! ;-) Glad that Australians will be taken into account next time haha! This time my favorite is probably the one with the carousel and the Sacré-Coeur, stunning!

  • you photos are great… what are you using to take them? my wife and I will be in Paris for a week the first week of May (for her 40th birthday)… hoping to bring the “right” equipment to take some nice shots…

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