Jardin de Tuileries

On our way to and from Monet’s Water Lilies, we passed thru a wet and overcast Jardin des Tuileries. If I had to distill the charm of Paris into one concept, it would be that the boundaries are so blurred between the beauty you see in its museums and the outdoors of the city that surround them. Even in the gray drizzle of a soggy afternoon this garden appeared unfazed, able to maintain its dignity with a sort of regal silence. The statues in particular seem to soak up the storm like a sponge and radiate it back in a low-resonating hum. My sense of…gratitude so to speak, hardly changed at all between the Impressionist paintings inside and the transition outdoors. That’s why everyone should come here at least once or five times.

Not to take anything away from Monsieur Monet mind you – he’ll be getting his own blog post shortly.

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