Vaux Le Vicomte, part I

Spent Halloween day at the 17th-century Château de Vaux Le Vicomte, currently my favorite place in the whole world. We slotted about 4 hours for our visit and I almost used that up before even going inside.

I could geek out on its history and beauty all day, but really it can all be summed up by the fact that Louis XIV wasn’t inspired to build Versailles until he visited this château. Part 2 on its way tomorrow.

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  • Corey, Jay and I actually visited there back in 1997 when I was working in France for a couple of weeks. We stopped there on our way back to Paris to fly home. I remember it was pretty spectacular, I also remember the roads leading up to it were storybook like, that may have changed. Fun to read about it!

  • I went to Vaux le Vicomte 8 years ago with my French class. I remember it being sooo beautiful. Thanks for posting the photos and the posts. Ah, good memories. I would love to visit again.

  • Your pictures are beautiful. How do you upload them so they link like a slideshow? And what camera do you use? I’m living in Europe now too and am going to upgrade my camera this season to make the pics on my blog better. Any tips you have would be great. :) Thanks!

    • Thanks! I’m afraid my camera is nothing to write home about: a point-and-shoot Sony Cybershot 350. Although I did my homework to find the best model in the price range, it’s far from anything professional. But it does the trick as long as you’re patient, choose good light situations, and work the limited controls as much as possible (like upping the ISO in low light). This camera’s also small and lightweight, which for me makes a big difference cause I carry it everywhere I go. As for the slideshow, it’s a WordPress feature you can choose after uploading images. Hope that helps!

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