Old Is the New New

It’s common for French programs to broadcast from museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions in Paris. As a result, once every week or two in front of the TV we turn to each other and say something to the effect of “We should go rock that casbah.” (Not a direct quote)

Then we high-five. (Also historically questionable)

This time it was a 19th century mansion-turned-museum called the Musée  Jacquemart-André, housing a prestigious private art collection belonging to the couple who used to live there. Seeing art and furniture in a house is always a nice contrast to the large museum experience, and there were also some period rooms tossed into the mix which I’m always a sucker for. In fact I’ve warned Charlotte that one day our future home will contain a room of mine that’s entirely 17th century. Whether I’m allowed to demand all visitors wear mandatory white stockings is still being discussed.

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