Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Often announcements are made by saying “Without further ado”, but let’s get right to it without any ado:

936488_648463011836253_868264559_nThank you to those who entered my giveaway contest for a free one-year subscription to Mixed Media Art Magazine. Out of everyone who typed “MM” into the comments section, it’s now time to put your names in a hat and choose one of you at random. And the winner is…drum roll…

Linda G!

Congrats Linda G, I’ll be contacting you shortly so we can get your contact info and make that subscription happen. A big thanks also to the magazine’s creator and editor Barbra Sunquist, who was generous enough to offer this prize to my readers. I encourage everyone to go check out her magazine at the iTunes store, and to follow it on the Mixed Media Facebook page.

And now a bit of that “further ado” that we put off at the beginning:

I had to laugh out loud this morning at the absurdity (and awesomeness) of this piece of news:

French Frye on Wikipedia 2

This is A French Frye in Paris being cited as a source on a Wikipedia page. Ha! I guess you never know what you’ll wake up to. How did it happen? You can check out the page here to find out. It’s not my most amazing contribution to the human race, but I’m tickled nonetheless. :)

Finally, I noticed we cracked 40,000 hits and I can’t let that go by without a big warm MERCI to all my fabulous readers! As a gift I’m giving you a beautiful stroll through the Louvre via this great video by Florent Igla. I was moved when I watched this, realizing that I’d spent time in all the rooms seen in it. And between the music and identifying with the girl and realizing my stupendous luck of living here, it made me, well…emotional. Yes–a video of the Louvre made cry, there I said it. I hope you’ll like it too.


  • Love the video… I know how she feels. I feel that way every time I am in Paris. You are truly fortunate.

  • Oh, wow, Corey, thank you! I’m so happy to win. Maybe I’ll learn a few more things about art so I’m not so clueless when you post your quizzes on FB. LOL

    • You’re very welcome Linda, congrats! I’ll contact you by email in a little bit to get some info from you, so Barbra can set up your subscription. Thanks for being such a loyal fan, both here and on FB! Have a great day. :)

  • You just *had* to put that Red Hot Chili Peppers song in my head, didn’t you? :) But seriously … congratulations on becoming a global authority on the Abbesses métro station, Mr. Frye! That’s excellent — as is the beautiful video of the young woman in the Louvre. It made me cry, too. And now I will excuse myself to share the link to your post in hopes of getting you above the 50,000 visitor mark. Again: :D

    • Cool, so I’m not the only one who cried, I knew you’d have my back on that front, Heather. :)

      Thanks once again for your enthusiasm and kind words. As you well know, that’s the stuff that fuels our little blogger hearts!

  • Corey, thank you so much for the wonderful walking tour of Paris you have a way of making the present and past come together. The afternoon was a highlight of my trip and if you ever need a recommendation please feel free to use me.
    Christine Christensen

    • Thanks so much for your wonderful comment Christine. I’m so happy to hear your enjoyed the tour, and believe me–the quality of the tour depends on the quality of the client, so I should be thanking you as well. It was a nice afternoon indeed, even if it was a bit too hot…thankfully those glasses of citron pressé showed up just in time! :) Take care and best of luck in the future.

  • That’s pretty awesome that someone used your blog as a reference. It’s free publicity! :) Please post more blogs. It’s been a while. What happened? Everyone loves your posts. Maybe one on nightlife in Paris, or one on Provence, France. I don’t know how far away that is from you, but that would be a great place to visit. I hear it’s very beautiful.

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