How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Four)

Hello world! (Or at least its Paris fans)

Has it been a week already? This series is making me realize how fast the days go by. All the more reason to get out there and do something creative! Hope you enjoy this set of photos. Let me know in the comments what kind of Paris dreaming you’ve been up to.

There are too many great chocolate shops to choose a favorite. But you can’t overlook Meert in the 6th arrondissement, which dates back to 1761. The candies are made in the northern city of Lille and delivered fresh to this beautifully decorated shop. We can’t see it here, but the boutique’s floor is from an old Belgian chateau. My kind of place!
If you ever get a chance to visit La Sorbonne University (5th arr), go for it. Considered one of the most prestigious schools in Europe, it’s evident they don’t take education lightly here in the Latin Quarter. It’s probably best I didn’t go to school here; I’d be the guy gawking at the ceilings instead of taking notes.
One of the many intricate details during my Sorbonne visit. I know this is a clichéd comment, but why don’t we make things this beautiful anymore? We don’t surround ourselves with as much craftsmanship these days. And as humans we must subconsciously yearn for it – there’s a reason people save and scrape to get over to Europe and walk its streets.
Another nod to my go-to coffee spot La Caféothèque (4th arr). I’m starting to think I deserve a kickback for all this free advertising…
A little bit of cleverness is always appreciated. Here in Montmartre there’s clearly a choice to be made! While taking this shot I noticed that most pedestrians deftly sidestepped and tiptoed around this chalk drawing, showing it a surprising amount of respect. I guess it’s bad karma to tread on a basilica.
The city has been thoroughly soaked by springtime rain this year. I took this post-shower shot in the courtyard of Merci (3rd arr). I guess the decorators of these places know that an antique object and some flowers is enough coerce me into sharing their address online. I’m such a pawn in their wicked game…
A photo from my recent post “When Rain Hits the 9th Arrondissement”. This is one of those buildings I’m just obligated to photograph every time I see it. So what if I end up with 1600 pics of the same building? I’m ok with that. This time of year the stairs should be packed with people, so I feel like I captured a special moment here



I don’t particularly love the term “door porn” but it seems to be a thing now. What I CAN get behind is how gorgeous old doors can be. This one is in the 3rd arrondissement. In the bottom left we see one of the classic historic details of Paris, a “chasse-roue”. They protected from the wheels of carts and carriages that often gouged the corners of entrances.

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  • Thanks for lovely pictures of some of my favorite places! I venture to Merci every time I’m in Paris. It’s about my favorite place to write and observe (and just “be” ). Love the photos taken on rainy days! Your pictures of doors are beautiful. I must have 1600 pictures of doors! The next time I tell myself that I have too many pictures of the same place, I’ll keep shooting…. Please keep posting; it starts my days on a happy note before I go out the door

  • I dream of renting an apartment in Paris for 3 weeks a following all your trip ideas. Oh wait, I am doing that next month. Thank you.

    • Fantastic Merit! You’re going to have a wonderful time. Paris is so pretty now with the blossoms sprouting up. If you’d like to tour a bit of Paris together you can always contact me at and we can set up a walking tour. Otherwise I hope you have a fabulous time in this city!

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