How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Fourteen)

Sorry for the delay on this one everybody! Life has been crazy and the last couple of Wednesdays flew right past.

So we’ll play catch-up on this post and the following one. Here are 13 shots of stuff that seemed cool enough to capture. Hope you enjoy them!

If you haven’t heard about Boneshaker yet, put it on your list. Great homemade donuts with fun ingredients like beer, bacon, matcha, and salted caramel. Always served with a smile. You’ll find them at 77 Rue d’Aboukir (2nd arr). If you’re on Instagram you can follow their delicious gallery as well!
A little antiques shop in the 6th arrondissement, Rue Bonaparte if I’m not mistaken.
Mother’s Day brought me to a tiny florist in the 6th arrondissement with funky decorative items like this one. And because while your flower guy assembles a bouquet you’ve got nothing but time, I snapped a pic.
You know where this is. Not far from the Anvers metro station you can find this lovely perspective, and if you crop out the traffic and tourists you can travel back to any turn-of-the-century fantasy you prefer.
This is on Rue des Barres (4th arr), one of my favorite streets in the world. I believe these were once used for making rubber gloves. Now they’re just really hip window display eye candy. Slightly creepy too, though, right?
Another shot from that florist. The metallic wall behind their work table had a great abstract painting quality to it. The patina of years gone by and all that.
I’ve wanted to splurge at Les Deux Magots (6th arr) for a while now. The chance presented itself the other day and I went for it. Picasso, Sartre, Hemingway, the jazz greats of the post-war 40s…that’s the kind of historical company I’m happy to keep. The cappuccino was over 7 euros and the macaron was almost twelve. Needless to say I’ve had entire dinners for less than that, but hey I’m not complaining. And I doubt Picasso did either. For the record: the quality of the coffee was a 7/10 and the macaron was absolutely incredible.
Le Grand Comptoir d’Anvers (9th arr) is just below Montmartre and is a great lunch option to avoid the area’s tourist traps. I had the fish & chips and crème brulée and both were quite good.
6th arrondissement, a door you might think twice about before knocking!
A peek toward L’Institut Français (6th arr).
My obsession with parked scooters continues. I happen to like this photo the most out of today’s set. The colors are doing it for me. I could eat that green.
A great way to avoid the touristy ascent to Sacré-Coeur is to use Rue Dancourt instead. You’ll see more of the real Montmartre, including this charming square and its theater.
The Pont des Arts had its love locks removed a while ago, seeing its fencing replaced with plexiglass panels. Seems not everyone is ready to let go of the sentiment however.

Ok guys thanks for stopping by; I hope to put up another set next week. Happy Paris dreaming, and remember to hit me up for a tour of Paris if you’re in town! We’ll go grab a Boneshaker donut together…



  • I missed your posts! Thanks for this week’s beautiful photographs. How delightful it must be to live in Paris! I rented an apartment there for a month a few years ago; every day was exhilarating. Thanks for bringing Paris into my life this morning! See you in November.

  • Yay, glad to see you back. Lovely post, especially the door knocker.

  • Great catch up!!…try and stay cool in the heat!!…love that macaron!!…and the serpent doorhandle!! obsession in Paris is the doors!!!…

  • I love not only how beautiful your photos always are, but how varied in their subjects. You definitely have an artist’s eye Corey — you spot the beauty in things that 99.9% of the rest of us would walk past. And thank you also for your review of Deux Magots. I’ve not set foot in any of those haunts (except for La Closerie des Lilas, which you took me to!). But if you think the macarons are worth it, I’m certain it’s worth the trip.

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