Soaking Up Views of Soaked Paris

It’s drizzly and hazy in my neck of the woods. As I finished my day’s work the storms started to intensify and pedestrians scattered for cover under awnings and bus stops.

With the intention of dipping underground for a dry train home, I noticed I wasn’t far from Galeries Lafayette. The roof would be absolutely empty in this kind of weather, I thought to myself.

Deftly dodging droves of shoppers I escalated my way to the 7th floor.

It was quiet up top, as I’d hoped. While I know these views pretty well by now, it’s usually under a sunny day. I felt like I was rediscovering a piece of Paris that with the wet weather had taken on an air of a moody film noir set-piece or gritty crime novel.

And yes don’t forget the peekaboo view of Montmartre behind your back:

So that’s a quick live view of the top of Paris on a drizzly day, certainly worth missing a few dry trains for! If you haven’t ventured up to this rooftop be sure to make it part of your future Paris plans. Just enter Galeries Lafayette and take the escalators or elevators to the 7th floor.

See you tomorrow for a new installment of How I Saw Paris This Week!



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