Happy 15,000

I want to thank all my readers for helping A French Frye in Paris reach 15,000 hits. This blog has officially gone viral baby!*

*statement based on 1994 standards

A reader and fellow blogger, Sarah Hague, recently chose me to answer her personal quiz and post it so people could get to know me a bit better. I’m not sure I’ve accomplished that goal but here goes, Sarah!

1.  What is the oldest item of clothing you still wear? A dark blue t-shirt with the name of a favorite singer of mine, Björk, embroidered in white letters across the chest. My sister had it custom-made for me in New York as a birthday present several years ago. The threads of a few of the letters have frayed and unraveled a bit, but it still serves me well in times of need and lack of clean laundry.

2.  Do you do enough sport? During high school soccer practice while the rest of my team did jaunty laps around the field I was always dead last because—as I explained to my nonplussed coach afterward—I wanted to pace myself and see if I could manage the distance before introducing speed into the equation. Not exactly eye-of-the-tiger material. Ever since then I’ve found that being artsy hurts my muscles a lot less…yet I do give physical fitness another go ’round every five years or so, and I’m currently in one of those phases right now. French fries call out to me in my sleep.

3.  What don’t you like about the house you live in? We have just two small electric burners in our kitchen which makes preparing even a simple meal an exercise in stress management. No matter what number I turn the dials to they seem to have just two temperature settings: 1) wait-I’m-getting-there, and 2) oops-now-I’m-piping-hot-and-your-chicken-breast-is-f**ked :)

4.  Do you use the best crockery every day? Not sure I have much that would qualify as “crockery”, but in general my thoughts are if you’re lucky enough to have the good stuff, enjoy it.

5.  Duvet or sheets and blankets? Wow being married is the only thing that saves me from having no idea about the difference…we currently use a duvet, in an eggplant color that took way too long to pick out in the store. But can’t complain, it beats the sordid history of hard futons and saggy air mattresses of my bachelorhood.

6.  Do you have a book in you? The book, yes. But it’s the other qualities needed to make the book happen that I’m a bit short on.

7.  Complete this phrase: I am profoundly… motivated when it comes to procrastinating.

8.  Where would you like to visit again? Honestly what first comes to mind is Paris; its unwavering beauty and trove of secrets keeps me coming back for more every day. But because that answer’s a bit lame, I often dream about snorkeling again in the coral reefs of the Caribbean.

9.  What is your earliest memory? There’s a picture of my father high up on a foot-bridge, hoisting me up onto his shoulders when I was maybe four or five years old. I seem to have a vague memory of that moment, and in particular my mom freaking out a bit. She had good reason to be worried about my stability—I was more portly than my genes should have allowed during my early years.

10.  What do you think of your education? The parts of my education I value the most came later in life from following my passions and then diving in. I’d also add that many of the valuable lessons I learned in college came from outside the classroom, and I still cherish them to this day.

11. Did your parents bring you up proper (loik)? My parents did a much better job than they give themselves credit for. Unless there’s a foot-bridge incident they’ve been keeping from me.


  • Congratulations on going viral, Corey! And thanks for a fun peek at the man behind the blog. “French fries call out to me in my sleep.” Ha!

  • Thanks for taking part, Corey. I do enjoy these little insights, and know exactly what you mean with the procrastination comment. My son is a past master too, especially at bedtime.

  • Go Corey, go Corey! (you can add the little sing-songy thing to that) Great job on going viral with your blog (by 1994 standards) :). I love the question and answer session you got to do. That was neat. Your answer to #7 was awesome and I do admire you for admitting that you like Bjork. BTW-we also have those small electric burners in our kitchen and guess what? We get the same results as you do. Wow, funny how that happens, huh!

    • Thanks Ashley. I like how you admire me not for liking Bjork but admitting I like her, haha! That made me smile. It’s true she can be a bit eccentric but back in the day her voice completely blew me away. Plus when I was working as a singer in NYC wearing that shirt reminded me to be proud of my voice and to go for it during each and every performance.

      As for electric stove tops I guess I should admit that I’ve used a couple of fancy modern ones that were great; I guess ours is just cheap and old. Thanks for reading!

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