How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Twenty-Four)

Hello lovely Paris lovers! More days have gone by, which means more photos have happened – this time it’s food, architecture, food, architecture, food…and Chopin. :)

I’m so damn thankful for all of you following along, recommending my walking tours, and giving up the most valuable commodity in this modern world – your attention! There’s an ocean of Paris-related content out there and I’m stoked to have you on my little island. :)

I’ve got exciting things planned for the upcoming months; I’m determined to make 2018 the year of the French Frye! I’ve also been putting specialized content on Instagram and you can read more about that below.

Ok, on with the photo set!

If you’re at all into the Paris food scene then you’ve heard of Holybelly (10th arr). They’re doing a lot of things right and have become an institution, especially for the expat community. It’s not always easy to get good comfort food breakfast in this town, but Holybelly has it in spades. This is from a pre-podcast meal I had with Oliver Gee. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet? You’ll find a link at the end of this post.
This photo set has a few shots from a café called L’Exception (1st arr). It’s part of the refurbished Forum des Halles commercial space. It’s another welcome addition to the new wave of coffeeshops in Paris. Although everyone has their own tastes, I’m personally excited about the changing of the coffee guard in Paris. Lately this place is grinding an Ethiopian bean which I think is my favorite ever. Oh yeah, and cucumber water!
You only need to walk the streets for five minutes and you’ll come across beauties like this. It’s a pretty simple process: wait for a Sunday afternoon, buy one of these along with roasted potatoes or french fries or both. (Actually you don’t need to wait for Sunday at all, this works any day of the week!)
Another shot from café L’Exception.
Sometimes for afternoon tea at home I go back to the classics. This was right before my wife tried to photo bomb the shot. Doesn’t she know this blogging thing is serious business? :)
Remember the new Instagram content I mentioned earlier? This photo is part of it – I’ve started “microblogging” on my Instagram account (@french_frye_in_paris). A microblog is pretty much what it sounds like: a shorter, quick-fire post with just one or two photos and a few paragraphs of text. I’m quite proud of the ones I’ve done so far so I hope you head over to check them out. This one is titled “Secret Love and Marie Antoinette’s Invisible Ink”.
A self-explanatory shot.
Taken on Rue Cadet (9th arr) on my way up to Rue des Martyrs.
If you’re in a restaurant early enough you can see their stash of baguettes waiting for the breakfast rush. This was in the Marais, and that’s butter and jam in the background. Yum.
Rue Saint Honoré (1st arr) is a street I’ve been walking on a lot lately. If you look up as you stroll, you’ll see quite a few call-back facades of the old days. Generally I think you should be looking up the entire time you’re Paris. In other words if you step in dog poo it means you’re doing this city right. :)
Place des Vosges (4th arr). During my walking tours of the Marais you’ll hear me gush about this place – it’s the spot where I feel the most European. Good stuff.
From a restaurant at Les Halles (1st arr) that specializes in steak and beef dishes. Sorry, can’t remember the name. I see locals packing these addresses every night so it must be good food.
The commute to my Montmartre tours takes me on the #2 metro train. This line has a few above-ground stations and I somehow can never resist photographing this one called La Chapelle.
That low-hanging November sun — perfect for photographing Paris. Now if we could just get some substantial snowfall…(crosses fingers)…
A 9th arrondissement street called Rue Sainte-Cécile. I hope to explore more around here.
Rue de la Paix (2nd arr). Did you know that on the French Monopoly board this street is the most expensive property? If you browse the shops along it you’ll understand why.
This was another microblog on Instagram called “Having Tea With Chopin”. It was written while sitting alone at Le Valentin (9th arr) which is a brilliant tea salon in the Passage Jouffroy.
Again along Rue Saint-Honoré, admiring the Xmas displays of the local florists.
“Looking up the nostrils of liberty” is the caption I used when I posted this to social media earlier. I quite like that caption so I won’t futz with it. :) This is Place de la République (10th arr).
Rue de Sévigné (4th arr). At the end is one of my favs, Eglise Saint Paul-Saint Louis. One of the highlights of my Marais tour if I do say so myself!
Which sign would you follow?
Coffee at La Caféothèque…or at least what used to be coffee.
Same cups, different angle.
Same cups, different angle. It’s so hard to decide which photo of the three to share, so why not all of them?
An ultra-secret courtyard I found along Rue des Jeûneurs (9th arr). It’s part of a restaurant whose name eludes me at the moment. But it’s on my “to-eat” list. :)

Ok here we are, 25 photos later – hope you enjoyed this set and have a lovely day! Now for the shameless plugs:

You can find my photos in real time, as well as those microblogs, on my Instagram. You can also follow me on Facebook or listen to me on The Earful Tower Paris podcast. And if you’re lucky enough to be in Paris, hit me up for a guided tour and we’ll see come cool stuff.

Speaking of the podcast I’ll be attending an Earful Tower live event on Dec 13th so if you’re in town, pop over and let’s hang out! More details on their website.


  • M.Frye,
    What street is the photo of the “Pharmacie 115” taken on?
    Your photos are lovely and much improved from 2 years ago!
    Continuez votre bon travail!

    • Thanks Bonnie, it’s true I’ve gotten more serious about photography over the years and I’m thrilled that you noticed! The street with the pharmacy is Rue Saint-Honoré. :)

  • Thanks for some wonderful photographs to fill my time while I’m waiting to have my car winterized! I’ll add the places to my list of Corey’s recommendations for next July’s visit! And I’ll contact you for another tour then. Merci for the wonderful tour of the Canal St. Martin neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. I continue to spread the word about your wonderful blog and tours! Have a wonderful Noel!

    • Thanks a lot Cheryl! After our walk together I ended up meeting John Baxter and he invited me to his birthday party which will take place in a couple of weeks. I’m excited! Not sure if he’ll pull out any of his old treasures though. :) I can’t wait to see you again in Paris. Let’s be sure to stay in touch.

  • Gorgeous pics as always. I gave your name to some friends who are heading your way, so if you tour with the Bells, say hi from Bill and I.

  • Your photos had me salivating, swooning and sighing. You are a poet, Corey. Wonderful post.

  • LUV the lion’s nostrils, but darn … that cow eye is gonna give me nightmares:)ha!

  • Another beautifully illustrated week! Congrats on your marvellous photographs, I will never tire of Paris’ such shots! This time my fav’ is probably the Rue de Sévigné :)

  • OMG. That wonderful photo of St Paul and St Louis! When I walked out of the church, I turned and walked in the opposite direction.
    Wonderful post. I keep reading your stuff and seeing your IG and I’ll be back sooner than I thought.

    • Thank you dear! I particularly love that church more than most. The stories inside are priceless. Paris is a place that beckons… I know that feeling! Would love to see you again. Have a great day!

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