How I Saw Paris This Week (Part Twelve)

Well another week’s gone by and though the world seems to be scarier and crazier each time I post one of these, I hope this blog can offer a brief moment of gratitude for what continues to be beautiful all around us. We all need those little reminders.

Fourteen pics this time, ranging from a rediscovered museum to Parisian transportation to a bit of street art. As always I hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to contact me for a guided tour if you’re in town!


The Montmartre Museum sort of underwhelmed me years ago, but it’s recently been renovated and re-imagined. I have to say it’s now a must-see if you’re a fan of this neighborhood. This photo and the two that follow it are from a recreated artist studio, that of Suzanne Valadon. She was a key figure in Montmartre, working as a model and eventually a painter herself under the tutelage of Dégas. I fell in love with this room.
Another detail from Valadon’s studio. Fire up that lamp and crack open a leather bound book or two!
Valadon’s studio.
This is from the future Prague blog post I keep promising to the world (and to myself). There are so many pictures to sort and edit that I try to devote a few minutes a day during life’s other tasks. Sometimes it takes a surprising amount of effort to be spontaneously creative…
The métro under Palais Royal. I like these images that have just one or two splashes of color.
Take a map of Paris, spray a famous painting on it and voila – instant street art! This is on Rue des Trois Frères in Montmartre (for now).
Montmartre, Rue Saint-Vincent. I just gotta thing for scooters.
The Vélib rental bikes are actually in their last year of existence in Paris, with 2018 set to welcome a new company and new type of bicycle. The buzz is that some of the new ones will be electric and even have their own wifi. That’s something I could get behind!
Passage Verdeau (9th arr) is just always a good idea.
Rue Sainte-Marthe (10th) has such lovely colors. A street photog’s dream.
I don’t share too many panoramas on these posts but on a rainy afternoon at Palais Royal I couldn’t ignore this view.
Just when you think you know all the métro signs you see this one at the Lamarck/Caulaincourt station (18th arr). A great slice of originality.
My ceiling at home. I still can’t figure out how just one set of shutters can create such a complex design. Pretty gorgeous in my humble opinion.
You know me by now – this is La Caféothèque (4th arr) and their bean roaster that seems to be in perpetual use. It ensures that on most days you’ll get an agreeable blast of aromas just as you enter. A simple and beautiful pleasure each time I come through that door. :-)

Thanks for stopping by everyone and have a lovely, life-appreciating day wherever you may be. I’ll see you for the next one.



  • I can hardly believe this…. We have TWO Suzanne Valadon prints in our home, bought at an exhibition at the in the 90th…. I mean, who knew much about HER when her brother was – at the time – the successful one…. Well worth a visit; have taken note – THANKS
    Mega-cool shots from the métro; I kinda like the MOna Lisa superimposed – but maybe not that helpful if someone is lost and doesn’t want to see the Louvre but How to get from A to B!
    Fantastic scooter shot; I have been lusting over the RED Vespa for just under 10’000€….. God, you could buy a pretty decent 2nd hand car for that money! There was an interesting article in Le Monde about 1-2 wks ago. Didn’t know that the bikes will disappear!!! But then I would be far too scared to use them in Paris – I’m also not driving in Paris – just not worth the hassle!!! (And hand on heart: I am married to an excellent driver so IF we need to take the car, it’s him driving!)
    I don’t get the Panorama shot (which is OUTSTANDING!) of the Palais Royal – from where were you able to do such a price-worthy supertake? I only have half a ton of ‘shadow plays’, rain reflections and playing kids!
    Another ‘I can’t believe this’ shot is your ceiling shadow play – I have them from my office, in summertime, metal shutters closed or half-closed, texture of my roses behind the kind of kitschy but also quite beautiful metal chandelier with forged iron roses & ‘candle’ bulbs…. Vive la diversité!

  • How do you manage so many wonderful shots, week after week after week? It’s such a wonderful treat to see what catches your eye each week, Corey. Though I’ll admit I’m kinda mystified by those shade-shadows on the ceiling. I must brazenly invite myself over sometime and conduct a full investigation. :)

  • Always interesting to see what you see. FYI we three had a great tour with you last week in the St. Martin area. It was a highlight or the highlight of our time in Paris. As I said, please to the homework for Belleville and I’ll be back next year. Any chance you have a map of the route taken?

  • Fabulous as always…..just enough to make me jealous every blog!!…see you next year!!!..this time I PROMISE no crossed wires!!…Fantastic photos…cheers from Sydney

  • I love the new Montmartre Musee! I feel as if I take a short tour of Paris every Wednesday. May you graciously keep it going! I recommended your blog and tours to a friend I meet there every November and to a friend going to Paris in June! See you in November!

  • Just made my hotel reservations for November! Thanks for the picture of the chair outside Merci. I discovered the cafe/concept store in 2015 and always make a stop on my trips! I’ve also added L’Improbable Café to my list for my next visit. Do you have the address? Thanks for the lovely visual memories!
    –Cheryl Mueller

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